DIY paper mimosa: master class
DIY paper mimosa: master class

Of all flowers, children and adults love making mimosa the most. These small yellow balls with green "branched" leaves create unusual bouquets, postcards, paintings. Spring flowers are embroidered, created from satin ribbons, knitted, sculpted, burned out, but paper mimosa is especially interesting. With their own hands, children can make individual branches and even build entire bouquets.

Appliques with babies

Kids (1-3 years old) don't like to wait, so prepare in advance a small album sheet, cotton wool, finger paints, PVA glue, a toothpick (cut off the corners immediately), green double-sided paper (cut into thin strips).

Now show your child how to make a mimosa with your own hands from cotton wool (it can be replaced with a soft napkin). Tearing off a lump, roll it with your fingers, dip it in glue and stick it on paper. As soon as all the balls are glued, place a toothpick branch with leaves between them. The child will only have to paint his mimosa with finger paints.

With children from three to four years old, practicerampling technique. Thanks to him, voluminous mimosa from corrugated paper is obtained, and children develop fine motor skills. Prepare for work yellow, green and brown paper (corrugated, tracing paper or, in extreme cases, double-sided color), PVA glue, cardboard. From a brown strip, children should roll up a sausage and glue it in the middle of the sheet. This will be a branch.

do-it-yourself paper mimosa

Rampling mimosa

Glue small branch sausages to it. Then from the yellow squares (2x2 cm or 1.5x1.5 cm) roll the balls. Let the child first crumple the leaf, then begin to squeeze to crumple the corners, and only then twist the resulting lumps with his fingers.

The older the child, the smaller squares can be taken. Immediately cut out leaves from green paper, bend and cut into narrow strips. Glue a few leaves to the branches, place mimosa balls on top of them. They can be glued with a second layer.

Put a couple more leaves between or on top of the mimosa. The background can be painted over with paints or pencils. Frame the picture and hang it on the wall. This style can be used to make crepe paper mimosa like artificial flowers.

To do this, you will need a skewer, green and yellow paper or a napkin, copper wire, glue. Cut the wire into small pieces.

how to make paper mimosa

Mimosa branch

Then take a square of napkin, put a wire on it, start to crumple the paper, forming a ball. Glue the wire greenpaper. To form fluffy balls, dip them in glue, and then dip them in colored yellow semolina. Leave the flowers to dry while making the leaves.

You can draw a leaf like a fern and cut each branch into small strips. Alternatively, cut out an ordinary wide sheet, like a tulip, cut into strips. But there is a third option for making leaves. Cut a long piece of corrugated paper into narrow strips.

Now look how the paper mimosa branch will turn out. Take a skewer, stick the edge of green paper on it, place a couple of balls, screw the wire and wrap it in a spiral with leaves. If you do everything right, then the striped leaves will look in different directions.

paper mimosa

To make the balls look organic, carefully pierce green paper with wire, and then wrap it around a branch. In some places, you can insert bouquets of balls. To do this, connect together several wires with flowers. According to this plan, make the rest of the branches, put in a vase and get a whole bouquet. Such a mimosa made of paper from afar is like a real one.

Quilling flowers

Mimosa can be made in three ways with this technique.

  1. Twist a strip of yellow paper into a tight roll (a circle in which the end of the strip is glued together). The diameter of such a circle is no more than five millimeters. This type of flower is suitable for creating small, unopened flowers that form the top of a branch.
  2. You also make a tight roll, which thenslightly push forward, forming a cup.
  3. Cut a strip of yellow paper into narrow segments. Then you wind it in a tight roll, glue the end, and shake the strips well. The result was a blossoming flower.

This do-it-yourself paper mimosa is easy to make, but it is suitable for postcards, a vase or a picture. Let's start by creating a flower. On a skewer wrapped in green corrugated paper, glue the flowers made according to the third method. At the same time, some balls are very fluffy, some retain the shape of a bud. Glue mimosa tightly to each other on a stick from all sides.

crepe paper mimosa

Glue the leaves under the flowers. In this case, a wide long sheet, cut into narrow segments, will go. To add realism, fold the paper vertically and round each strip with scissors or a pencil to create a visual wind effect.

Mimosa with tulips

Beautiful three-dimensional pictures are obtained from paper, they only require more painstaking, attentiveness and perseverance. Let's see how to make paper mimosa with tulips.

  • Prepare the background of the picture by drawing the sky, the gaps of the sun.
  • Cut out a paper vase or paint with watercolors.
  • Prepare a mimosa made according to the third method.
  • Make some branches for the mimosa. To do this, take a green wire, connect it into a twig and wrap it with floral tape or a corrugated strip.
  • Cut the leaves for mimosa and tulip at once.
  • Do it in advanceseveral branches (meaning paper mimosa).
  • Tulips do as follows. Lay squares of paper on top of each other, roll into a tube to the middle, forming a triangle. Now fold each edge to the top of the triangle and twist into a petal. Attach the petals in a bud to the stem so that the edges are convex (twisted).
  • Gathering tulips on the stem.

Now arrange the branches in the picture and glue them one by one. Frame your work and admire the masterpiece.

paper mimosa craft

Paper mimosa: we create a miracle with our own hands

Bouquets can be made entirely using the quilling technique. To do this, find a beautiful photo with a vase and print it on a printer. Cut out, glue on the base of the picture. To create volume, sometimes fabric is selected according to the color of the vase, thick foam rubber is cut out according to its shape, covered with fabric, decorated and glued to cardboard.

Next, you will need a lot of fluffy mimosa with leaves. Make balloons of different sizes, but at the same time they should copy real flowers.

Now see how to make a mimosa out of paper in a picture. On the canvas with a pencil, lightly outline the direction of the branches. Have a trial version of the colors without glue. Working with branch direction.

As soon as you like the version of the bouquet, take a picture of it and work on it. Start gluing the first layer of flowers and leaves. Then build up the volume with subsequent layers. Sometimes a leaf is inserted between the balls. At the base of the vase, glue more leaves, the bend of whichwill hide seams or uneven work. Despite its simplicity, a 30x30 cm painting may require half a month of work. But the result is stunning in its realism.

how to make a mimosa with your own hands

How to make a mimosa with your own hands on March 8

Especially love postcards for the spring holiday with mimosa. Such work is often done by schoolchildren. To work, you will need scotch tape reels, corrugated cardboard, crepe paper, glue, white paper. First, prepare the base of the postcard. Tape the bobbins inside and out with corrugated cardboard.

Make tight rolls and glue the sidewalls with rings on one side. Now you glue two rings, you get an interesting craft. Paper mimosa is created according to the third method (fluffy balls). Glue the leaves on the bottom ring, place the balls on top. Flowers should be on top of the figure eight, and not fall into the ring. If the leaves do not support the weight of the balls, then make ready-made mimosa branches according to any method described above, glue to the ring.

Now circle the resulting figure eight on a Whatman paper, cut it out. In the upper ring, write your congratulations and stick the craft on the paper. It turned out to be a chic craft with congratulations and flowers.

paper mimosa twig

Summary of results

The most popular craft flower is paper mimosa. With your own hands you can create unusual souvenirs, postcards, paintings, bouquets. Try to make small crafts with mimosa and you will see how bright works with it.

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