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Cards: suit of clubs
Cards: suit of clubs

Everyone knows what an ordinary playing deck looks like. Hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades - these suits are familiar to the gambler. But few people know that each of them carries a certain energy. So, what is the significance of the suit of clubs?

General interpretation

Ordinary playing cards do not have a serious esoteric meaning, like, for example, Tarot, but this does not prevent them from being used for fortune telling: they are a fairly strong symbolic system. The whole deck of cards personifies some semblance of the Universe, life with its sorrows and joys, the confrontation between good and evil, light and dark.

The suit of black clubs symbolizes the cold seasons and the dark time of the day: autumn and winter, evening and night. This is a male symbol. Clubs - work, luck, money, flame powers. The king is like Zeus, the lady is his wife Hera, and the jack is the young Apollo. Almost any card of this suit that fell out during a prediction means happiness. All this includes the suit of clubs. You can see the photo below.

The suit of clubs. A photo


Represents the evening, false gossip, success. If the card fell out with the tip up, a gift awaits the person (the card lying closest shows who will be the giver). In any divination, one shouldnavigate maps. Laying them on the table, carefully look: what suit falls out? Clubs can change their value according to this.

King of the same suit. Means a happy resolution of conceived plans.

Ten of clubs. Tender, touching love awaits a person.

Nine of spades. Point down - good news, up - news of trouble.

Seven of clubs. Big win, win the competition.

Six of clubs. An unexpected conversation, a date. With sixes of other suits - a long road along the railroad tracks.


This is a friend who will definitely come to your aid. In alliance with other cards of this suit, it means the appearance of people who will allow you to become happier. If there is no king of clubs in fortune-telling, most likely, a person will fail in small matters.

Jack of clubs. Grief is to be expected.

Nine of clubs. Point down - an important person gives you signs of attention, up - he can become your enemy.

Eight of clubs. Events on the water, long voyage, shipwreck.

Clubs (suit)


A domineering woman or a child born out of wedlock. It can mean unfortunate circumstances, problems in personal life, the appearance of a rival or rival.

Eight of clubs. Soon you will be able to enlist the help of a close relative or friend.


Man in uniform, soldier, comrade. If neither the king nor the ace is found in the layout, then in the near future we should expect big worries. If first of allthis particular card falls out, the prediction will be correct.

The jack is in the middle, between two ladies - adultery in marriage, an affair on the side. Between two jacks - anxiety for the future.

Ace of diamonds. The unknown will help you avoid trouble.

Ten of tambourines. Success in business awaits you.

Eight of clubs. Unexpected events, pleasant surprise.

Seven of spades. Woe, problems due to the actions of ill-wishers.


If a ten (suit of clubs) falls out in divination, the value of the card must be interpreted depending on the suits surrounding it. By itself, it symbolizes change, financial and moral poverty, hard work, various dangers. With tambourines - a meeting with a business person, with hearts - a joyful find, winning the lottery.

Ace of clubs. Pleasant changes are to be expected.

Ten of tambourines. Perhaps soon you will receive a large amount of money. The same means the eight clubs that fell out in the scenario.

Ten of hearts. New acquaintances, flirting. Success in love affairs awaits you.

Nine of clubs. Soon you will be very surprised. Building relationships with people you love.

Nine, eight and seven of clubs. Successful combination. In life, everything will be only the best for you.

Seven of spades without any ace. Betrayal, deceit should be expected. Be careful with loved ones.

Suit of clubs. Meaning


Easy money, doubts. When divining for a specific person, it means that this character will soon stop any communication with you.Point up - sadness, longing, false talk, bitter tears, down - a pleasant conversation. Together with tambourines, they mean the imminent receipt of money that will be wasted. The hearts that fell out together with the nine signal mutual love.

King and Queen of clubs. Big love, strong feelings, pleasant company of an influential person.

Ten of spades. Trouble financially.

Ten, eight or seven of clubs. Good luck in all your endeavors.

Eight of eight

Sadness, grief, the death of a family member or close friend.

Ace of clubs. Fabulous success in business, if the card is pointing up - disappointment.

Jack of hearts. Long conversation, unexpected losses.

Ten of clubs. In the near future, you will purchase an apartment or a house, receive an inheritance and gain we alth.

Seven of clubs. Happiness that came in time, a surprise. In a scenario with an ace of hearts, it signals an imminent marriage or inheritance.

What is the suit of clubs?


If a seven (suit of clubs) fell out in the layout, we should expect a close road, good news, an unexpected inheritance. If the card fell out with the tip up, it means that the person who is guessing will soon have to shed a lot of tears.

Eight of spades. If the cards are laid out for a young man, then the beloved is deceiving him.

Jack of hearts, four queens and a seven. You will soon have a son.

Ten of hearts if queens, jacks and other sevens are present. Soon you will learn about the replenishment in the family. News of pregnancy.


Clubs are a suit that predicts a long journey in many layouts. Six signals a sea road, a vain journey, a love meeting on the street or in the garden.

Ten of clubs. Soon you will know about the departure.

Ace of hearts. A pleasant morning date awaits you. If the ace of clubs falls in the layout, expect a date in the evening, the ace of spades - you should prepare for a night meeting.

Club suit

Any divination can tell you exactly what you should expect from life. Depending on what suit you fell out: clubs, spades, diamonds or hearts, you can find out the most secret secrets of the future. It is only necessary to correctly determine the meaning of the cards and correctly interpret the layouts.

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