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How to weave a rubber band minion: a detailed description and instructions
How to weave a rubber band minion: a detailed description and instructions

In this article we will learn how to weave a minion from rubber bands. Surely, such a homemade product will attract attention to you. If the process of creating such a bracelet directly with your own hands can cause you difficulty, then the question of how to weave a minion from rubber bands on a loom will also be considered here. In addition, there is a special set of rubber bands for such manual creativity. Therefore, how to weave a bracelet from rubber bands "Mignon" will also not remain a secret for you.

Who are the minions?

Many people know the cartoon "Despicable Me", which came out in two parts at the moment. And at least someone may not be familiar with the cartoon, but many are probably familiar with the assistant characters of the protagonist. We are talking about small, but very funny yellow creatures from the "support team" of the evil genius, who, in combination, turns out to be the main character of the cartoon.

how to weave a minion

How to weave a rubber band minion?

This product will serve as a wonderful decoration for your mobile phone, cosmetic bag, handbag or just a beautiful accessory that will delight you andsurrounding!

how to weave a minion from rubber bands

So let's get started. First we will learn how to weave a minion from rubber bands on a hook. To do this, we need rubber bands of various colors: yellow and blue - like the minion itself, white, black or other dark ones that you have - for finishing individual elements. If your imagination tells you to add other colors, it will only be more interesting!

Detailed DIY Weaving Guide

how to weave a minion from rubber bands on a loom

What do we need:

  1. First, take the blue rubber bands. There should be 38 of them. Let's put one blue elastic band on the hook four times.

  2. Then, putting two more blue elastic bands on the hook, we will remove all four “ears” of the previous elastic band on them.

  3. On the next two elastic bands, remove the "ears" from the previous ones and repeat this until you get five blue rows.

  4. Let's repeat the same with the yellow rubber bands: putting on two new elastic bands, we remove the "ears" from the previous ones until we get five yellow rows.

  5. Then this entire stitch that we just made needs to be moved to the other end of the hook to start making a new stitch.

  6. Put one rubber band back on the hook four times.

  7. Then again weave five rows with blue rubber bands, as in the previous column.

  8. Weave two rows with yellow rubber bands, and one row with two white ones.

  9. Shift this whole column to the right.

  10. Taketwo dark elastic bands and put each on a hook to make a total of eight "ears".

  11. On two yellow elastic bands we will remove all these eight "ears".

  12. Next, on one edge of the yellow elastic band, put both edges of the white elastic band from the previous column.

  13. Spread the two edges of the white gum so that the dark ones are inside. We have a minion eye!

  14. Then weave two more rows with yellow rubber bands.

  15. Move this column to the right on the hook and weave another column - exactly the same as the first one.

  16. Take two more yellow rubber bands, remove all the "ears" from the previous columns on them.

  17. Let's take off what happened, and tighten the edges of the elastic into a knot.

  18. Now put the hook through the lower blue "ears" and thread another blue elastic band through them.

  19. Then we will pass the hook into the next blue row and stretch the blue elastic band from the bottom row through it.

  20. Thus, adding new elastic bands and not forgetting to tighten the knots, weave all the blue rows and yellow ones (with yellow elastic bands, of course)

  21. In order to make a blindfold for our minion, first we will tie two dark elastic bands together, and then, passing through the white elastic bands in front of the minion's eyes, we will stretch one pair of dark elastic bands through them.

  22. Behind the ends of the dark elastic bands we will tighten with one yellow one and hide all the ends in the body of the minion.

  23. In order to make him a mouth, we will stretch the hook through between the blue and yellowin rows, stretch a dark pair of elastic bands through them, and then also tighten it with a yellow elastic band and hide the ends in the body.

The result of hard but interesting work

With such quick and simple moves, we figured out how to weave a minion on a hook. Now he will delight you and everyone around you. And to enthusiastic exclamations about him, you can easily tell how to weave a minion from rubber bands!

how to weave rubber bracelets minion

Weaving minions from rubber bands using a loom

Now we will figure out how to weave a minion from rubber bands on the loom.

For this we need the same set of rubber bands, hook and loom.

how to weave a minion on a loom
  1. Fix the machine evenly, the arrow should look down.

  2. Put one black elastic on the center row vertically.

  3. Then we place two yellow rubber bands horizontally, and then two more rubber bands in three vertical rows.

  4. We will put on yellow rubber bands on the extreme pegs of the second row, and black ones in the middle.

  5. On the third row we put on two black ones at the edges, and two white ones in the middle.

  6. On the fourth - two yellow at the edges and two black in the center.

  7. The fifth row consists of only yellow rubber bands.

  8. The sixth and seventh rows are made entirely of blue rubber bands.

  9. On the eighth row we will put on only black rubber bands from the edges. And in the middle we will leave a void.

  10. Then, thricetwisting two black rubber bands (separately), put them on the blue one with a hook.

  11. At the junction of the yellow and blue rubber bands, we will fix two more twisted black rubber bands.

  12. On the black rubber bands at the end of the minion on both sides, twist another black rubber band.

  13. Twist the blue elastic band in half and fasten it to three pegs of the machine over the black ones.

  14. In the same way, we will fix the blue rubber bands over the blue ones, the yellow ones over the yellow ones, and the black ones over the black ones.

Shutting down when using the machine

Our minion will start showing up soon! It remains only to remove it from the machine.

how to weave minion bracelets

Thus, you have learned how to weave a minion on the loom. This little accessory can be a wonderful gift for your friends or for your child. Giving such a cute handmade gift can be very useful for establishing friendly relations with a person. Now you can safely tell everyone how to weave a minion from rubber bands on a loom or without it. And the following guide in particular will be a nice gift for your friends!

Weaving a bracelet from special rubber bands

Besides ordinary toys, mobile phone key chains or keys, you can learn how to weave bracelets from Minion rubber bands. This is especially true for fans of funny yellow creatures.

In order to figure out how to weave a minion in this form, we need to prepare the necessary material: rubber bands of blue, yellow,white, black and grey, loom, hook and three S-shaped clips.

  1. We set the machine straight, its cavities should look “from us”.

  2. Pull out the middle row so that it protrudes one column forward.

  3. Alternately we put six yellow elastic bands on the columns of the leftmost row, in the same way we put on the right row.

  4. Start the middle row: put one yellow rubber band on the first two columns, put on a white rubber band on the second and third columns.

  5. On the third and fourth columns we put on four white rubber bands. Here will be the eye of our minion.

  6. Then we put on four more rubber bands in turn. They should be one column further than from the edges.

  7. Now let's make the torso. Let's put six elastic bands on the left and right columns, and five on the middle one.

  8. Let's get back to the eye. To do this, we wind the black elastic band on the hook four times, hook the hook on the yellow elastic band and stretch the black ones onto it.

  9. On the third columns of the right and left rows, fix the resulting workpiece. The black eye should be exactly in the middle.

  10. With a triangle we will put blue elastic bands on the three extreme lower columns. There should be six such triangles.

  11. Then put six yellow triangles on yellow rubber bands. The last three columns should be left blank.

  12. Turn the loom over with the cavities “on itself” to make it more convenient to weave.

  13. Move the bottom rightelastic band of the triangle and throw the lower elastic band to the next column.

  14. We will bind the entire right row like this. The elastic band holding the eye should also be moved away!

  15. We will also weave all the remaining rows in the same way. Remember: when weaving four white elastic bands, hook them one at a time so as not to tear.

  16. Now we will transfer all the elastic bands from the outer rows to the middle one and stretch one blue elastic band.

  17. Carefully remove our minion and straighten the white rubber bands exactly around the eye.

  18. So that the bracelet does not tighten the arm, we will tie an ordinary chain of blue rubber bands to it on the loom and put on a clip.

Summing up the great work

Above, we have analyzed two ways to weave a minion, from one of which you can borrow here the method of weaving a bandage around the eyes and mouth.

how to weave a minion from rubber bands

Now we know how to weave bracelets from "Mignon" rubber bands, which will serve as beautiful accessories for you. They will give a lot of positive emotions. You can also tell how to weave minion bracelets to your children and friends!

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