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How to assemble a paper airplane with your own hands?
How to assemble a paper airplane with your own hands?

Paper airplanes are a toy that everyone had in their childhood. But not all of her flight was long: most of the aircraft crashed. How to assemble a paper airplane so that it really flies?

How to make a plane fly for a long time?

how to make a paper airplane

The center of gravity of aircraft launched indoors must be shifted forward. Such models fly further and faster, and are easily launched into the air.

There are many ways to launch and collect paper airplanes. Modelers interested in how to assemble a paper airplane with their own hands, to achieve the best flight qualities of a toy, should follow the useful tips:

  1. The fold lines are smoothed out with fingers or a hard object.
  2. Only flat sheets of paper are selected for work.
  3. When folding the model, it is necessary to observe the symmetry of the axes. If this is not done, then the airplane will fly.

For the design of the toy, a rectangular sheet of medium density paper is taken - it is easier to fix even fold lines on it. Smooth and ironedcurves keep the shape of the model and allow it to stay in the air for a long time.

how to assemble a paper airplane with your own hands photo

Interesting facts

  1. With the beginning of mass production of paper in Japan, origami became the art of the samurai. At the same time, a culture of folding secret letters was born. Methods and techniques for folding paper figures have been practiced for centuries. Paper airplanes owe their appearance largely to the Japanese cranes.
  2. The world record for the longest paper airplane flight was set by Ken Blackburn in 1983 when his origami model lasted 27.6 seconds in mid-air.
  3. Red Bull Paper Wings, the paper flying competition, has reached the global level. Blackburn had a passion for paper model airplanes for a long time, and in 1989 he decided to form the Paper Aircraft Association. He also wrote the rules for launching paper aviation, which is used today as an official document in various competitions.
  4. Lokheed Corporation co-founder Jack Northrop built the first modern airplane in 1930. He used similar models to conduct test trials on the construction of real aircraft.

If you are interested in origami, in particular, how to assemble a paper airplane, start with simple models. It is worth moving to more complex designs later, after gaining some experience.

Airplane forbidden by the BookGuinness World Records

how to assemble a paper airplane instruction

A paper model that was banned from competitions held by the Guinness Book of Records. An interesting airplane, due to its design with a blunt nose, flies for a very, very long time, which is why it was taboo.


  • For a better flight, you can launch the aircraft at different starting speeds, at different angles and from different heights.
  • Minimum paper fold thickness can be achieved with a ruler, credit card or fingernail.
  • On hot days, it is better to launch an airplane from a high altitude: it will catch the rising air currents and be able to cover a long distance.
  • Flying speed depends on the thickness of the aircraft.
  • Aerodynamic models from the newspaper sheets above.
  • You can improve the flight performance of a paper airplane by gluing its wings together. It is advisable to use as little glue as possible.
  • You need to run the model carefully, without applying too much force.
  • Aerobatics are possible with wings bent at different angles.
  • When folding the figurine, you can use a protractor for greater accuracy. For the first time, you may not get the perfect airplane, since it is difficult to achieve exact angles of 90o. With practice and learning new materials on how to assemble a paper airplane, everything will change for the better.


how to make a paper airplane step by step

Despite the fact that origami is an artcreating paper figures, this hobby requires safety:

  • You can't throw an airplane in the face and eyes of other people.
  • You can't send models to people and animals.
  • Don't fly airplanes in classrooms to avoid being taken to the principal.
  • High humidity has a negative effect on the flight performance of the model.

Paper airplane "Bulldog"

how to make a paper airplane step by step

The model got its peculiar name due to the cut-off shape of the bow. The simplest airplane design. How to assemble a paper airplane, step by step we will tell below:

  1. A sheet of paper is folded in half.
  2. The corners are bent in a standard way for all airplanes.
  3. Paper turns over, corners fold back to center of fold.
  4. The top corner folds so that all the corners converge at one point.
  5. The workpiece is folded in half.
  6. The wings fold very flat.

This model is one of the simplest, and the original appearance attracts attention. The airplane launches with a smooth and gentle movement. Its design makes it easy to catch the airflow and cover a long distance.

Airplane "Eaglet"

how to assemble a paper airplane photo

Step-by-step instructions on how to assemble a paper airplane with a stabilizing triangle. Its design is somewhat more complicated, but not so difficult. How to assemble a paper airplanestep by step, we will tell in our instructions:

  1. The first two steps are performed similarly to the "Bulldog" model. The first fold line is required to keep the subsequent steps correct.
  2. The sheet is folded from top to bottom so that it resembles an envelope. There should be about a centimeter or so free at the bottom. The sharp corner should not coincide with the edge of the paper sheet.
  3. The top corners are shifted so that they meet in the middle. In this part, a small stabilizing triangle should form, which will be located under the tail of the airplane.
  4. Laid a small triangle that will hold the rest of the folds. The model is folded in half so that the small triangle remains outside.
  5. The wing of the airplane folds down very smoothly. A similar procedure is carried out on the other side.

If you correctly followed the instructions on how to assemble a paper airplane, then you will have a reliable paper model that will stay in the air for a long time and confidently.

Airplane "Swift"

how to make a paper airplane with your own hands

Paper aircraft model with lots of folds. The improved design gives it excellent flying qualities. Due to its complexity, it can be called a full-fledged aircraft model. Instructions and photos on how to assemble a paper airplane below:

  1. The first steps are somewhat different than the previous two options: the corners are bent towards each other, formingguide pleat.
  2. Two other folds are made crosswise in such a way that the letter X is obtained.
  3. The top right corner comes down so that the edge of the paper meets the fold leading to the bottom right corner from the top left.
  4. A similar action is performed with the left corner. The diagonal of the right edge of the sheet must match the top left point.
  5. The plane folds in half, then unfolds. The middle fold will be used as a guide.
  6. The top edge of the model is rolled up from top to bottom so that it matches the bottom edge.
  7. Top corners drop down so that they meet at the middle fold.
  8. A sheet of paper is unfolded, the resulting folds are used as guidelines.
  9. The top edge that was folded down is folded back up to a point that will match the crease from the previous step.
  10. The corners are folded so that their edges match the edge of the top flap and the fold taken two steps back.
  11. The corners are folded up until they intersect with the top flap and the folds made earlier. This step forms the wings of the future airplane.
  12. The wings are folded again along the already completed fold. As a result of this step, the plane should form straight lines.
  13. The wings are again folded with straight edges down.
  14. From the top of the flaps, the model folds down.
  15. The paper design is folded in half. All wings must be located on the outside of the aircraft. mind bigpaper thickness will be more difficult at this stage, so you can use a ruler to create even folds.
  16. The wings are folded down so that their edge coincides with the bottom edge of the plane. As a result, a hard upturned nose will be formed.
  17. The plane is ready.


Paper airplanes have never been a simple hobby. There are a lot of instructions and photos on how to assemble a paper airplane with your own hands, and among them there are those that allow you to fold an easily and quickly flying model.

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