Image for a photo shoot - original options
Image for a photo shoot - original options

Photos are each of us. Colored and black-and-white, funny and not so funny - from year to year, photographs are put into albums so that one of the evenings we can remember the past, perhaps once again relive past emotions, share them with friends or relatives. These stories are different, and the photographs may not be bad, but for the most part they are similar in the absence of that very zest, only the background and people change.

The most powerful impressions and feelings are caused by pictures taken by a true master of photography. And if the image is also chosen successfully and original, the result can exceed all expectations. Choosing a certain role is a creative process, there are no definite frames, but a certain style must be maintained, otherwise the image for a photo shoot risks turning into a faceless mask. We'll talk about some options that claim to be relevant and original.

Retro style

image for a photo shoot

There has always been something in old photographs that beckons, attracts glances and awakens nostalgia for bygone times. Plunging into the space of former fashion, a person complements his taste, develops a sense of style, and the process of choosing an image, searching for clothes, accessories andActual makeup sometimes captures more than the photo shoot itself.

There are so many variations in retro style that you can't count them on your fingers. This is Marilyn Monroe, and young ladies of the times described by Russian classics, and gangsters of the beginning of the last century - all that remains is to choose what you like, and the photographer will find the right moments, capturing frozen images.

Greek style

image for a photo shoot in the studio

If you are attracted by the myths of ancient Greece, then you might be interested in trying on the image of one of the gods living on Olympus. Light, light-colored clothes, laurel wreaths, fragments of columns, stylization of expensive jewelry - these and other elements will turn the photo studio into a corner of the ancient state for several hours. The ancient Greek image for a photo shoot involves light and natural makeup, hair can be styled in lush curls.

Military style

image for a photo shoot on the street

This is a great opportunity to create an original image for a photo shoot in the studio or outdoors. In addition, this is a great themed holiday gift for him or her - military is in perfect harmony with both courage and courage, as well as femininity, beauty and, of course, sexuality.

There are a lot of original ideas to create an image for a military style photo shoot. Determine the era you like, the accessories appropriate for it, military uniforms, perhaps even equipment, find a good photographer, and bright unusual shots for your photo album (and possibly portfolio) are provided.

Photo shoot with flowers

An option that will not leave indifferent any lady - with flowers. You can create the necessary conditions in the studio: fill the free space with flowers so that there are no catchy voids in the frame, prepare the appropriate lighting. The image for a photo shoot on the street in this version, of course, looks preferable. Choose flowers that match your hair, makeup, and skin tone. Makeup can be performed both natural and in bright colorful colors, in harmony with the selected colors.

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