How to merge layers correctly in Photoshop?
How to merge layers correctly in Photoshop?

When working in the "Photoshop" graphic editor, a beginner will definitely have a question on the topic, how to merge layers in "Photoshop"? Without this function, professional processing of any complexity in the editor becomes almost impossible. How to work with layers correctly?

What can layers do in Photoshop?

When it is necessary to make any manipulations in the graphic editor, it is necessary to use "canvases", which, if necessary, will allow:

  • Undo the action if you made a mistake.
  • Compare the state of work: at the stage of execution and before this stage.
  • Achieve the desired effect using the multi-layer blending mode.
  • Change the transparency of used effects.

The layers have a huge variety of functions, but the easiest way to figure it out is through constant practice.

Merge Layers

How to merge layers in Photoshop is an easy question. The main thing is to turn this procedure a couple of times in the present tense, and then thisskill will be firmly deposited in your head. After all, 75% of the work done is done using canvases.

There are several ways to merge layers in Photoshop. But first, you need to figure out where the layers come from.

For example, when you open the editor, on the screen, on the right side, you see a line that says "Background". This is the main layer or, in other words, the source file.

original view

If you start on a source file and make a mistake repeatedly, you'll have to start all over again. To avoid such situations, you need to use layers.

To create a new layer, right-click on the line "Background" and select "Duplicate Layer". If you need a name, enter it and click OK. Keyboard shortcut for this action: ctrl +j.

Duplicate Layer

You can see how another line appears above the "Background" line, called "Layer 1" or "Background Copy".

Layer creation result

So you have created new "canvases", but in the end, how do you merge layers in "Photoshop"? There are 2 ways:

  1. Press the ctrl button, select both layers with the mouse. Right-click on the selected lines and see the item "Merge Layers". Click on it with the left button. You're done, your layers are merged.
  2. alt=
  3. To merge layers with the keys in Photoshop, you need to do the following: hold down the buttonctrl, select both layers. Next, press the key combination Shift, Ctrl, "Image" and E. Get the finished result.
  4. Merge layers

Such methods are suitable for any number of layers. Many people most often use method number 2, as it significantly reduces the time spent in the editor and brings the user much more convenience in using the program.

This instruction also answers the question of how to merge layers in Photoshop cs6, as it is suitable for any version of the editor.


If you need to constantly work in "Photoshop", but you are just starting to master it, it is important to remember one thing. How to merge layers in "Photoshop" is easier with the help of "hot" keys, and to perform other machinations necessary for professional work in the editor.

Grouping layers alt=

It's best to group layers, because if you have 10 or more layers, it's very easy to get lost in them. Layers are grouped according to the same principle as merging, but instead of the Shift, Ctrl, "Image" and E keys, you need to press ctrl + g. After applying this command, you will see how only the line "Background" and the line with the folder picture, called "Group 1" remained on the panel. If so, then you did everything right.

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