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Flash "Norma Fil-46": instructions, reviews
Flash "Norma Fil-46": instructions, reviews

Flash "Norma Fil-46" is a Soviet model, which is considered obsolete today. Despite this fact, it finds application among fans of cameras that have long gone out of use. Soviet technology has always been distinguished by high build quality and recognizable design. Technical innovations fully met the criteria of their time and even today are still of interest.


What does the Norma Fil-46 flash look like? Instructions, sync line and storage case included. The unit is an electronic pulse flash. It is a source of super-strong pulsed light. These light pulses are reminiscent of natural light in their spectral composition. That is why the flash can be used to create black and white photographs and color. The release date of the device is 1984. In the USSR, most cameras and accessories for them were produced at factories in the B altic states. Model "Norma Fil-46" isupgraded version of "Phil-41M". Nominal energy of the unit - 36 J., power source - mains or "Lightning" type battery, illumination angle - 50 degrees, readiness time - 10 seconds, pulse duration - 1/1300 seconds, weight - 320 grams.

flash norma phil 46 instruction

How to use

Instructions for flash "Norma Fil-46" detailed. The main difference between Soviet technology is that the manufacturer tried to show the user in detail how to put the technical innovation into practice. Despite the intuitive clarity, even in such a simple design it will not be superfluous to figure it out.

How does flash work? In order to use the device, you must connect it to the mains supply. The kit includes a cord. Powered by AC 220 V or DC source with a voltage of 280 to 300 Volts. The instructions for the flash "Norma Fil-46" say that it attaches to the camera and is compatible with such Soviet models as the "Zenith".

flash norma phil 46 is


Judging by the reviews, many amateur photographers have a Norma Fil-46 flash from Soviet times. The instructions for the unit indicate how to properly connect it to the camera. Users note that the design is simple and clear. The standard package includes a flash, a sync line and a case. The unit is convenient to use, regardless of the model of the camera. The average cost of an external network flash is six hundredrubles. Among the shortcomings: the model is outdated, it is difficult to adapt. All in all, this vintage item is one of those nostalgic memories of the Soviet past.

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