Knit crochet fast and easy
Knit crochet fast and easy

In order for the image to be original and unique, many stylists recommend using hats. You can wear them not only in winter, but also in autumn, spring and even summer, the main thing is to choose the right material that will match the season. That is why you can crochet a beret, which will become not only a worthy accessory in your wardrobe, but also a unique little thing. There is nothing complicated in this process, by choosing the right scheme, you can turn even the most complex pattern into reality, which will become an ornament and addition to the image.


All berets can be conditionally divided into winter and summer. First of all, the difference lies in the quality of the yarn that is used to make this gizmo. Summer crochet beret is the thinnest matter, which consists of patterns and weaves. It is more like a web. For the manufacture of such an accessory, only the thinnest threads are used, and it is also knitted with a small crochet. This allows you to make both large and small loops of yarn. A summer headdress can be complemented with beads or rhinestones, and a small brooch will also come in handy. The main thing is to followso that these elements do not “shout out” the beauty of the product itself.

Summer crochet beret

Winter crochet is made from thick yarn, most often from wool. Such a product may have an additional bottom layer that will provide more warmth. Winter hats can also be decorated with all kinds of rhinestones, brooches and stripes. A logical addition to the winter beret will be a scarf knitted from the same yarn. It is worth remembering that berets are French hats, so they always look sophisticated and elegant. Due to their dignity, they are able to make the image of a girl more elegant even in winter, when a large amount of warm clothes hides all the advantages of the figure.

As a rule, it is crocheted in a circular pattern, and then the base or side is sewn to it separately. The process begins with the formation of loops, which will be located in the middle of the bottom, and gradually moves towards the edges. This system allows you to make the beret even and proportional, to avoid distortion and other defects. The side of the beret is sewn (or tied) using the same hook. In rare cases, knitting needles are used to connect parts.

Knit crochet beret

You can crochet a crochet hook from a single yarn or from different types of threads. Using materials of different density and quality, you can achieve a very extraordinary effect, and the beret will become unique and inimitable. Also, when we crochet a beret, you can use threads of various colors, you just need to make sure thatso that they fit together. Such a colorful headdress can only be worn under plain clothes, as it will stand out too much on its own.

There are a lot of options for how to make a crochet beret, and all of them are worthy of attention. It is only important to choose the scheme, the pattern that will match the style and mood of the owner of the thing. In this case, the accessory will look attractive and unique, it will become a worthy decoration for its owner.

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