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Scheme for embroidery with beads icons: master class
Scheme for embroidery with beads icons: master class

Since ancient times, icons have occupied an important place in the home of a Russian person. There was not a single hut whose walls were not decorated with the faces of saints. In our time, little has changed, except that there are more techniques and ways to perform them.

Beaded scattering

One of the most popular methods for making icons today is bead embroidery of icons, a master class of which we will now conduct.

Scheme of embroidery with beads icons

A very small number of craftswomen with vast experience can create their creations directly on the fabric, which does not contain a pattern. The rest are embroidered with beads directly on the finished blanks. Ideal for this pattern beadwork icons. In this case, there is a ready-made multi-colored pattern on the fabric, it remains only to attach beads on top.

Selection of schemes

The purchase of material for embroidery should be taken responsibly, because the appearance of the finished product primarily depends on it.

Embroidered icons with beads master class

If you decide to embroider an icon with beads, you need to purchase patterns in a specialized store. If you decide to save on materials, then in return you risk getting something incomprehensible, only remotely resembling the product that you would like to receive as a result of your labors. Since the icon, regardless of whether you embroider it for yourself or make it as a gift, is an item that will please the eye for more than one year or even more than one decade, the material must be appropriate. It is best when the bead embroidery pattern of the icon is sealed from below with interlining. Then the beads will hold on tighter, and when pulling the finished product onto plywood or cardboard, it will be much easier for you to frame it.

Embroidered beaded icons scheme photo

Now we pay attention directly to the applied pattern. It should be clear, it is best for beginner craftswomen to stop at the option when the entry and exit of the needle on the diagram (the places where the needle with the strung bead should be stuck) are marked with dark dots. It's much easier for beginners. Later, when the eye is already trained, you can use the schemes without the above marks.

Selecting beads

Having decided on what kind of icon you are going to embroider, you proceed to the next, very important stage - the selection of beads.

Nominal icons with pattern beads

As a rule, in order to embroider with beads on fabric, material is selected from Czech manufacturers. There are many products of Chinese companies on the market. However, according toCompared to them, Czech beads are even, smooth, the beads are one to one, and there is practically no marriage. This uniformity is very important in beadwork. Since it is the quality of the material that guarantees the beautiful performance of the work. When the beads fit one into one, the icon, and indeed any other picture, takes on an unusually luxurious look, shimmers in the sunlight and gives joy to its owner.

Embroidery training

Embroidery icons with beads, the master class of which is presented in our article, is a very exciting activity. The main thing in doing the job is accuracy. If you make even stitches and lay all the beads on one side, you will get an unusually beautiful product. As for exactly how to embroider correctly, then opinions differ. Some needlewomen embroider from the bottom up, passing the stitches with a needle in the direction from the lower left corner of each square of the pattern to the upper right. Others, on the contrary, embroider from top to bottom. In this case, the needle passes from the upper left corner to the lower right. Choose a comfortable embroidery area with good lighting. In the evening, you can additionally use a table lamp. Beads are best laid out by color in special containers - then it will not crumble, and it will be convenient to string it on a needle. Choose the most suitable embroidery method for you (many prefer to work from the bottom up) and feel free to get creative. The result of your work will be an icon that will protect you or your friends (if you embroider it for a gift).

Why do icons help?

The Russian Orthodox Church believes that the Lord listens sensitively to the prayers before the face of those saints who, during their lifetime, proved their special purity, the presence of the Holy Spirit in them, thanks to which they performed their good deeds in one area or another. At the same time, each saint was given the power to help people in precisely those matters that he himself was engaged in during his lifetime. This became the main decisive factor in why each icon has its own, special purpose. Let's dwell on the most common faces of saints.

Icon "Seven Arrows"

Embroidered name icons with beads are on sale in a large assortment. It is not difficult to choose patterns for their embroidery, the main thing is to decide which icon you need.

Icon of a seven-arrow bead embroidery pattern

One should take into account the fact that all of them, in addition to their appearance, also have a symbolic meaning. For example, the "Seven Arrows" icon, whose beadwork pattern is presented in almost every needlework store, has long been known for its healing capabilities. It is also believed that before this icon one should pray for enemies, they also ask for softening of the heart in front of it, even its second name - “Softener of evil hearts” speaks of this.

Image of Nicholas the Wonderworker

"Nicholas the Wonderworker" is an icon with beads, the scheme of which is no less common. It is considered a kind of amulet that protects and brings grace.

Nicholas the Wonderworker icon beaded scheme

They say that for each person this icon has a special meaning known only to him. Everyone remembers the feast of St. Nicholas since childhood. After all, it is this saint who brings gifts to obedient children every winter. According to legend, Nicholas the Wonderworker during his lifetime gave gifts to poor people, for this nobility and other equally good deeds, he was ranked among the saints.

Wedding icons

Often, needlewomen purchase a bead embroidery pattern for a wedding icon. More precisely, this is not one icon, but a couple that will protect and protect the newlyweds. There are many types of such icons. What distinguishes them in the first place is that they always go in pairs. This beaded set is sure to make an excellent wedding gift.

Embroider an icon with pattern beads

Purpose of icons

Since we can talk endlessly about each icon individually, we will try to briefly review the main ones, find out what help they provide.

It is believed that the icon of the "Watching Eye", "Bethlehem" and "Septimer Mother of God", the icon "Crucifixion" and "The Mother of God, located above the gates" can protect the house from thieves.

The icons of the Mother of God "Three-Handed", "Joy and Consolation", "Blessed Sky", "Indestructible Wall", the image of St. Panteleimon have long been endowed with healing properties.

Embroider an icon with pattern beads

To beg the Lord for beauty and love, the icons of the Mother of God “Fadeless Color”, “It is Worthy to Eat” were brought into the house. They also turned to the face of "Savior Golden Hair" andthe icon of the Transfiguration of the Lord.

In order to pray for the obedience of children, they used the icons of the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the images of the Mother of God - the "Key of Admonition" and the "Giver of the Mind".

Where to choose an icon?

Most beginner needlewomen go in search of the necessary scheme for specialized stores. However, sometimes, in order to find something for yourself, you will have to bypass many of those that sell beadwork. Icons, schemes (photo) can be seen in our article. Thus, when you decide what kind of icon you are going to embroider, you can safely get to work. The choice of schemes is unusually large, if you wish, you can arrange the delivery of the goods you like not only from Russia, but also from abroad.

Scheme of embroidery with beads icons

Here, in our article, is the embroidery of icons with beads, the master class of which is conducted by experienced needlewomen. Many craftswomen began their work precisely on such recommendations. Any embroidery with beads, and making an icon in particular, is a spiritual process. In talented hands, the bead embroidery pattern of the icon will become a real masterpiece. It can be a great gift.

The icon bead embroidery pattern you bought will bring you incomparable pleasure. Indeed, in addition to the purpose of this image, it will absorb the warmth of your hands and the love invested during work. That is why experienced needlewomen advise doing embroidery in a good mood, and pray before that.

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