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Bluff - good or bad?
Bluff - good or bad?

Exaggeration of one's abilities or virtues is highly condemned in society. This speaks primarily of the slyness and insincerity of a person who speaks like this. Is a bluffing person so bad, or is there a good bluff?

Bluffing Player

The original interpretation of the word says that a bluff is a deliberately false exaggeration of one's capabilities, abilities or merits. That is, if you look in more detail, it turns out that the absolute synonyms for the term "bluff" are the words "lie", "deceive".

However, in card games like poker, bluffing is a perfectly acceptable technique used by players who risk to win. That is, they deliberately exaggerate their capabilities and the strength of the cards in their hands. Why do they do it? The answer is very simple: the other players, believing in the bluff, the cunning of this player, may be afraid to continue playing with him and raise the stakes. Accordingly, they will fold and the winner will go to the player who deceived them.

Bluff it

However, bluffing in poker does not necessarily mean winning. The company may not pay attention to the exaggeration or simply not believe in it. In this casethe players continue the game, and the person who talks about the perfect card layout will lose outright. That is, it turns out that the bluff allowed in this game is, by and large, the same risk. After all, it is unrealistic to know in advance whether the rest of the players will believe the bluffer or not.

Bluff in poker

This tactic is used in addition to poker and other card games, such as preference. Here it is also directly related to risk.

Bluff in everyday life - good or bad

The fact that exaggeration of one's abilities is normally perceived during a card game is quite understandable - that's what it is a game for. But in everyday life, everything is much more complicated. A person who constantly bluffs will sooner or later create a reputation for himself as a liar and a person with whom almost no one wants to deal. No matter how much one wants to tell others about a villa in Hawaii or a black belt in karate, sooner or later the deception will come out. Someday, either you yourself will blab, or one of the "well-wishers" will tell others that your villa in Hawaii is just a summer cottage, and quite far from the city.

It's the same with martial art achievements. Life is multifaceted and unpredictable. It is likely that a situation will arise during which you will have to demonstrate your special ability to tame the enemy, and at that time you will be able to do absolutely nothing, because the black belt in karate is just a figment of your imagination. Here is a bluff - a word that sounds rather pathetic in itself, can significantly ruin your life. Hardly peoplethose who sincerely believe in your stories will continue to communicate with you after the deception is revealed.

Lies in the name of good

In emergency situations, when, as they say, all means are good, a bluff can be useful. Take, for example, tourists traveling in the snowy mountains. The weather is a capricious lady, and suddenly a storm came up that made everyone go astray. If not experienced tourists, but beginners, are gathered together, it is quite natural that panic may begin. But this is already completely undesirable in such a critical situation, when a sober look at things is needed. In this case, if someone present, who is more or less in control, exaggerates the information and says that he knows where the path is and how to get back, then the slightly worried companions, instead of starting to panic, will help determine landmarks or prepare a place to sleep. In a specific example, a bluff is the only way to take control of the situation and find a saving way out.

Bluff slyness

A bluff to reduce suffering

Another model of a situation in which a bluff can be justified is the exaggeration of the possibility of recovery for terminally ill relatives. That is why, when making a diagnosis incompatible with life, doctors most often report it not to patients, but to relatives. Unfortunately, if the patient knows that his days are numbered, he will usually burn out in a matter of days.

Bluff word

The same patients who were convinced by bluffing relatives that with the help ofhigh-quality medical preparations, they will soon recover, they can live for quite a long time and pass away peacefully, without unnecessary suffering and worries.

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