The best cross stitch kits for peonies
The best cross stitch kits for peonies

Experienced embroiderers have long noticed the magical properties of their work. Among the needlewomen, there are special signs associated with the realization of various desires and dreams. Magical qualities, according to popular belief, have an imperial flower - a peony, which is considered a symbol of aristocracy, good luck, love and light.

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Signs associated with peony cross stitching

It is believed that cross-stitching peonies helps single people meet their “soul mate” as soon as possible and find family happiness. In Japan, these plants symbolize marriage bonds. In addition, a picture with such an image, placed in the office, has a beneficial effect on the career of employees and increases the number of successfully completed transactions.

Burgundy peonies are considered the most "powerful" in terms of energy. This is one of the few plants that denotes the masculine Yang energy in Feng Shui practice. It is often used to harmonize space. The image of a bouquet contributes to a quick marriagepeonies. Cross stitch is the easiest way to bring an important event closer and get a long-awaited marriage proposal.

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The secret of embroidery with peonies

After the formation of a family, it is better to replace the picture with peonies with another one with less strong energy. For legal spouses, the image of these flowers can symbolize infidelity. Of course, the magic of the work of an embroiderer is hidden not in the set, floss threads or pattern, but in the direction of the craftswoman's thoughts. If you tune in to the realization of a dream by making the first stitch on a canvas with cross-stitch peonies, it will certainly come true.

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What to choose: a ready-made kit or a scheme from the Internet

Sets of some firms are covered with myths and legends about the quick realization of one or another desire at the end of the work. But it is not so important whether the picture will be embroidered from a ready-made set or according to a pattern found on the Internet. The effect will be the same. The only difference is that in the first case, everything you need is already at hand, and you can immediately get to work. In the second, preparation may be delayed due to the search for threads of the right colors and brands. On sale there are very attractive kits with clear schemes, simple to implement.

Ready-to-use cross stitch kit from Riolis: "Peonies in a Vase"

The Peonies in a Vase cross-stitch by Riolis is made with woolen threads, thanks to which the work acquires additional volume. Its size: 40x40 cm, the canvas used is unmarked Aida 11, so needlewomen will have toarm yourself with a water-soluble marker, a ruler and divide it into squares of 10x10 holes to facilitate the process of counting stitches. The set contains 27 colors and 4 blends. For convenience, you can take an organizer, as during operation the wool is wrinkled and becomes less fluffy.

cross stitch peonies in a vase

The scheme is colored, printed on glossy paper, which makes it a little difficult to cross out the finished parts with a regular pen, as some needlewomen like to do. You can make a copy of it so as not to spoil it if you want to repeat the embroidery. It is advisable to glue the fold points with adhesive tape. The set is embroidered easily, except for the centers of the flowers. These places can cause difficulty for beginners. At the end of the work, there are often threads that can be used for other creative ideas. The process of embroidery gives considerable pleasure to craftswomen, thanks to a clear and easy scheme. The picture is bright and saturated. The petals of each flower are beautifully crafted, the bouquet looks like the real one.

Ready-to-use cross stitch kit "Titmouse and Peonies" from "Alisa"

The “Titmouse and Peonies” set refers to sets with full lining of the canvas, which may seem difficult for beginner needlewomen. Therefore, such work is more suitable for embroiderers with experience. Kit contains: 31 floss colors, 2 blends, canvas, clear and simple cross stitch pattern. The peonies in the picture consist of solid patches of color without single stitches. The size of the finished work is 19x17 cm. Several techniques are used in the process: a cross in 2 threads and in 1 thread, a half-cross in 1, 2 and 3threads. This combination helps to achieve a high-quality study of halftones and achieve a sense of volume. Delicate shades of petals and smooth color transitions delight everyone who sees the final result.

"Peonies and delphiniums" - a set from Dimensions

The Peonies and Delphiniums set by Dimensions belongs to the premium Gold Collection series and is suitable for experienced needlewomen. Size of the finished work: 30x38 cm. Consisting of: unmarked canvas "Aida" 18 ivory, organizer, floss 33 colors, 6 blends, 2 needles of different sizes, color symbol scheme. Techniques used: cross in 2 and 3 strands, half cross in 2, 3 and 4 strands, French knot in 2 strands, backstitch, lowercase stitch. You need to pay attention to the places where the thread is used in 4 additions.

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In the work there is a large volume of the seam "back of the needle" in 1 and 2 threads, as in most sets from Dimensions. It is necessary for drawing details and literally transforms the drawing. To speed up the process, it is better to make backstitch embroidery of peonies with a cross not at the end, but gradually, in small sections. The result will be amazing. Due to the size of the canvas, it's important to figure out where to embroider in advance so you don't start on the wrong side. Particular difficulties can be caused by small flowers at the bottom and in the middle of the bouquet, performed using French knots and single crosses. Some needlewomen call this work the most difficult set from Dimensions.

The easiest way to start moving towards yourdream - cross stitch. Peonies sets, ready-made or handpicked, are sure to help you meet the right person as soon as possible.

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