How to make a fire costume for a children's party
How to make a fire costume for a children's party

To participate in a children's party, kids often need different costumes that are suitable for the plot and theme. If a Russian folk tale is played out, then often there is a role of fire in it. How to make a fire costume with your own hands, read our today's article.

Fire costume for a boy

If you are going to make a fire outfit for a boy, then you will not need much materials and time to make it. Instructions on how to make a fire costume for a boy are below.

  1. Take whatman paper and draw flames on it with a simple pencil. You will need one large belly fire, two for the legs, and another one for the mask. Don't forget the holes for the eyes and nose.
  2. Color the painted details with orange paint. Red paint can make a border or paint over individual fragments.
  3. Cut out all fire images.
  4. Since you have already made the main elements of the fire costume, the clothes will need to be black and solid. Ideally - black trousers and a thin cotton t-shirt with long sleeves. Carefully sew one of the lights onto the belly of the T-shirt. Best done in orange.thread.
  5. Sew the lights to the bottom of the legs in the same way.
  6. Punch holes on both sides of the mask and, after inserting an elastic band, tie knots. The fire costume is ready!
fire costume for boy

Fire suit headband

Girls make the costume a little easier. For example, a fire headband might be a good idea. Easy to make.

  1. Buy several colors of tulle in the store: yellow, orange, red, burgundy.
  2. Cut a few medium-sized squares from each of the flowers.
  3. Start tying the headband with folded pieces of tulle, alternating colors. The knots should be in the rim area, and the ends should stick up like burning flames.
bezel fire

Fire outfit for girls

In fact, you can make a fire suit from any materials that can be found in every home. For example, to make an outfit for a girl, you can use an old skirt or jacket. Of course, their color should be either red or orange. This costume is easy to make.

  1. Take orange and red tulle, sew small pieces to the skirt belt so that each individual element creates a sharp end. When walking, such a fire belt will develop and create the illusion of real fire.
  2. In the same way, you can decorate any blouse. Only here you will also need satin ribbons of the appropriate colors. Cut off small pieces of ribbon and cut one of the sides into a triangle. Then sew the ribbons in oneedge to the neck of the T-shirt, as well as to its bottom edge.
  3. Cut out the image of fire from red thin felt. From orange, a similar smaller image. Sew or glue the second on the first. And carefully sew the fire to the skirt or dress.
  4. You can make hand decorations from satin ribbons. Create small felt lights as described in step 3, sew them onto small pieces of red ribbon. Tie an embellished ribbon on each arm using bows.
tulle skirt

Making a fire costume is not difficult at all. You can come up with many ideas on your own, just by turning on your fantasy and imagination.

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