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Paper airplanes "Ste alth" and "Bull's nose" do it yourself
Paper airplanes "Ste alth" and "Bull's nose" do it yourself

Every person at least once in his life (and most likely more than one) folded an airplane out of paper. The older generation still remembers the times when airplanes served as analogues of the current SMS messages in the classroom. Almost any adult or child, if you give him a sheet of paper and say "make an airplane", can do it in just a couple of minutes. However, did you know that there are a lot of ways to fold a paper airplane? This is not one or two schemes, but the whole world of paper aircraft modeling.

The article tells how to make paper airplanes with your own hands.

Main nuances

the nuances of how to fold a good airplane

To begin with, it is worth considering the basic subtleties and nuances that apply to all paper airplanes.

  1. Do not take too thick and thick paper. She does not hold her shape well, there will be foldsturn around, and the airplane, because of its gravity, is bad to fly. Notebook paper or plain paper for printers is the best option.
  2. Iron the fold lines well, but carefully. You should not do this with your nails or a coin - this will damage the paper and it will quickly tear. It is best to press with the pad of your finger or an eraser.
  3. If the airplane, when starting, first takes off sharply upwards, and then, as it were, falls into an air pocket and falls, you need to make the nose heavier. To do this, you can attach a small piece of plasticine or a paper clip, depending on the size of the model.
  4. If the plane does not want to fly straight, but turns in the same direction all the time - weight the wing on the opposite side, just like a paper clip or a piece of plasticine.
  5. A model for running outdoors is best folded from colored paper or painted in bright colors. This will make it easier to find it in the grass or on a tree.
how to make an airplane that flies for a long time

Scheme paper airplane "Ste alth"

This model flies great for long distances, and it just looks pretty cool. If you have been wondering for a long time how to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time - this scheme is for you.

  1. Take a sheet of A4 paper and fold it in half (vertically). Iron the fold line and unfold back.
  2. Fold the top two corners to the center of the sheet.
  3. Fold the resulting sharp end towards you, leaving 2-3 cm to the edge of the sheet.
  4. Fold the top corners to the center againsheet.
  5. Bend the protruding tip up and press it properly.
  6. Fold the entire model in half away from you.
  7. Fold the wing towards you so that there is about 2 cm between the bottom of the figurine and the fold line. Turn the figurine over and repeat the same action on the reverse side.
  8. Fold the tips (1-2 cm) of each wing up so that they stand at a right angle.
  9. Make two shallow cuts in each wing and bend the resulting label up as shown in the photo.
  10. It remains only to glue the middle with a glue stick or a piece of double-sided tape. Ready! You can run!

This model is easy to fold and with a little practice you will achieve the ideal. The launch is best done on the street or in spacious rooms - so you can appreciate the flight range of such an airplane. And in the open space you can hold a competition - whose "Ste alth" will fly the farthest.

Bull Nose Airplane

The model owes its name to the atypical shape of the nose - it, unlike most paper airplanes, is not pointed, but square, blunt. However, first impressions are deceptive and this aircraft will surprise you with its speed and long range.

How to make it?

  1. Fold the upper right corner of the A4 sheet to the left side so that the fold line runs from the lower right corner to the top of the sheet. Iron the fold well, then unfold it back.
  2. Repeat the first step, but now with the upper left corner.
  3. Apply the corner of the right sheet to the crease,outlined in the first step.
  4. Do the same but on the left side.
  5. airplane "bull nose" scheme
  6. Align the right edge of the figure with the edge of the crease made in step 3.
  7. Align the left edge of the figure with the edge of the crease made in step 4.
  8. Fold the top edge towards you, aligning it with the intersection point of the right and left layers.
  9. Fold the model in half away from you. Now fold each wing in half. Just like in the previous model, glue the middle with a glue stick or double-sided tape.
do-it-yourself bullnose airplane model

The plane is ready for launch! Do not do this indoors, as this model accelerates very strongly, and therefore strongly deforms when it collides with walls.

Realistic airplane model

Finally, you can watch a video on how to make a paper airplane that flies for a long time.

This model is more complicated than the previous ones, but the airplane according to this scheme turns out to be more realistic.

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