DIY children's album
DIY children's album

Toothless smile, first step, grubby face and even the first tear - all this I want to keep in my memory and proudly show my friends and relatives. This is the best way to help a children's album, compiled using the scrapbooking technique.

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Starting small

Being enthusiastic when looking at so many pictures, parents often get lost and don't know how to decorate their first baby photo album in style. If they have enough free time and skills in scrapbooking, a children's album will turn out to be truly exclusive. Otherwise, you can try to make an original photobook from a regular photobook.

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For this you will need a simple album with inserts for photos. It is worth choosing the option that has fields for notes. Next, stock up on 4 sheets of thick paper, which ideally follow the contour of the pages of the prepared photo book in size. This is the main set on which the future children's album will be built.

Now you should decide on the theme and its color resolution. For example, the theme "Teddy" for the boy Misha.Therefore, you will need a set of paper for scrapbooking with the image of a Teddy Bear. If it is not there, then it will be enough to look through old children's books and magazines, from which you can cut out the image of the world famous bear cub, and use pastel colored paper for the background. Curly hole punches, glue, scissors, decorative buttons, beads, braid will also come in handy.

The work begins with the fact that a new background with an application invented by the parents is glued onto the cover of the photo album. Then, thematic collages are made on 4 sheets of thick paper, for example: “My first days”, “I am already a year old” and others, which will be a kind of milestones in the development of the baby. These sheets will become dividers that can be inserted into the children's album as it fills with photos.


Someone who loves scrapbooking and has a high level of craftsmanship can create a completely exclusive album. The children's "keeper" of the most important moments of life in this case should be well thought out not only in terms of design, but also in terms of content, so work should start from the second.

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The next step is the selection of materials. You will need a blank for a children's album (preferably on rings), sheets of thick paper to fit the album, and design items. As the latter, you can use a wide variety of materials, ranging from scrapbooking kits to non-standard decor elements, such as bamboo rugs or dried flowers. make outeach page follows separately, depending on the semantic load that it carries.

children's album sheets

And the last tip: if there are a lot of photos, and there is no way to choose one, then creating a collage using special computer programs will be an excellent solution.

Children's album is an opportunity to return to the past, so when creating it, you should show all your imagination and skill.

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