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Paper dandelion step by step: photo, master class
Paper dandelion step by step: photo, master class

Paper crafts are a great way to do things with kids. From white or colored paper, you can make various gizmos. For example, if you decide to make an original product, you can make a bouquet of various paper flowers or make a beautiful arrangement in a homemade basket or vase.

As for performance techniques, they are enough to diversify your creativity. Today we will tell you how to make a paper dandelion using several techniques.

paper dandelion

Dandelion made of paper with your own hands using the technique of "volumetric quilling"

To make a beautiful spring flower, prepare the following material:

  • yellow paper strips 30 cm x 2 cm;
  • green colored paper;
  • glue stick;
  • scissors.

We take a yellow strip and make numerous cuts on it, thus creating a kind of fringe from paper.

Next, twist it into a tight bundle, wrap the blank with green paper on the outside, which can also be cut into leaves.

The paper dandelion is almost ready, it remains only to fluff its middle and attach it to a postcard or any other surface.

do-it-yourself paper dandelion

If the dandelion in the composition should stand on a stem, in addition to the craft, you need to take an empty rod from a ballpoint pen or a wooden skewer, glue it with a strip of green paper and string the top of the flower onto the formed stem.

You can make a lot of such dandelions so that later you can make a beautiful spring composition for a gift or decoration of something.

Dandelion made of paper: a master class in the technique of three-dimensional modeling

You can also make a more complex paper dandelion. But for this, be prepared that you need to do more painstaking work, since you will need to make each parachute separately. This will take a lot of time and hard work. But you will surely like the result.

how to make paper dandelion

To make crafts, prepare the following material:

  • corrugated paper white and green;
  • wooden stick or cardboard;
  • glue stick;
  • tweezers;
  • scissors.

Getting Started.

First you need to cut a strip of white corrugated paper 1.5 cm wide and make numerous cuts on it.

Then divide this strip into several conditionally equal parts about 1 cm wide.

Now each of these paper pieces will need to be twisted in such a way that a parachute is obtained. For one dandelion, you need at least 40 pieces of parachutes.

Afterof this green colored paper you need to cut out "torn" leaves. For a more natural look, you can cut the stems out of cream-colored paper and glue them to the leaves.

The middle of the flower is a piece of cotton wool soaked in glue, from which a ball is subsequently formed.

The stalk is a wooden skewer or cardboard covered with flesh-colored paper.

Flower assembly

Starting gluing a dandelion out of paper. Using a glue gun, glue the core of the flower with the stem. Then we immediately take tweezers and proceed to jewelry work, attaching each parachute to the center of the future flower.

At the very end of the work, leaves are attached to the flower.

That's it, the paper dandelion is ready!

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