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What can be an ornament (crochet) and how to tie it?
What can be an ornament (crochet) and how to tie it?

Elegantly and effectively looks hand-tied jewelry (crocheted, for example). For such products, you need to choose a thin thread and a thin hook. Then they turn out airy.

crochet decoration

Motive necklace

Items can be selected as you wish. The main thing is to fasten them together with connecting posts. The last loop of each next motive with this element should be knitted into the desired previous one.

Round patterns around the neck are recommended to be made a little smaller than those that will lie on the chest. Such a necklace will be a decoration for an evening dress and will add chic to your everyday outfit.

Small motif example

Such crochet jewelry starts with a ring. Here, in a ring of four loops, make six connecting posts - this is the first row. Then three lifting loops. 3 air loops and a double crochet in the first loop of the previous row. Repeat the alternation of three loops and a column in each loop of the first row. Knit three more loops to close the circle.

In the last row above each top of the column, make an arch of seven loops, and between them the arch will be formed of foureyelets The arches end with connecting posts in the space between the posts of the previous circle.

Example of a big motive

It knits like a continuation of the little one. It needs to be supplemented with just one row. Above each high arch, tie: three loops, pico from 6 air to the top of the arch and three more loops. Above the small arch you need to place a chain of seven stitches.

For the simplest necklace, you will need to make 12 small rings and 3 large ones. Sew on a carabiner on one side and a ring on a chain on the other. Starch the necklace. And a knitted decoration, crocheted ready.

Volume hair band

It can be used for tail or bun. Crochet jewelry relies on store-bought elastic. First you need to tie it with connecting posts.

Second row: 3 lifting sts, 4 double crochets in each loop of the previous one. Third: rise from one loop, two connecting posts to each vertex of the previous row. Fourth: completely repeats the third. Finishing row: tying "crustacean step".

crochet jewelry

Openwork scrunchy

For her, you can take the pattern of any flower. The beginning of crocheting such an ornament is similar to what was indicated a little above. Only the scheme described below requires an even number of connecting posts in the initial row.

Having made three lifting loops, then alternate the air loop and the double crochet. Moreover, knit columns are supposed to be in every second loop of the previous row.

Third rowmade up of arches of 5 air loops above each column. The connecting posts between the arches must be knitted into the air loops of the previous row.

Fourth: on the first arch, make three lifting loops and 4 double crochets, on the next arch, tie two air loops, a connecting post and again two loops. Repeat these elements to the end of the row.

Last row: two loops are also knitted between the fans, a connecting column and two more loops. And above the columns - three air fans and a connecting column at each vertex of the lower column.

crochet jewelry

Flower brooch

To make a similar crochet decoration, you will need:

yarn, a small piece of fabric;

hook, needle and thread;

beads and brooch base

The color of the threads and fabrics should be combined as much as possible with the shade of the leaves or the flower itself. By the way, crochet flowers for decoration can be crocheted according to any pattern. The same goes for leaves. The main thing is that they be airy and elegant.

Then it's just a matter of assembling the product. Sew leaves onto the base for the brooch, decorate them with beads. Fasten the flower on top. Here is the decoration, crocheted and ready. It will certainly become a wonderful accessory for an evening dress or a casual jacket.

crochet patterns

3D bracelet

For its base, thick cardboard is useful, equal in width to the future product and in length - to the coverage of the wrist. Although it can be replaced with a ready-made bracelet, which is slightlytired.

You won't even need patterns for such a crochet decoration. You just need to connect two rectangles.. The one that will be from the inside is recommended to be done with simple connecting posts.

And the front one, for example, can be filled with such a pattern. Make the first row consisting of double crochets. In the second row, alternate double crochets with lush ones. Depending on the thickness of the thread, a lush column can be from three to five unfinished double crochets. Repeat these two rows until the end of the rectangle.

Connect two rectangles with connecting posts. At the same time, place a cardboard blank or bracelet inside.

crochet flowers for decoration

Leg decoration

It will make the legs elegant and charming. And crochet jewelry is a pleasure. They consist of an openwork triangle. There will be a finger loop in one corner. The other two will be the beginning of the chains, which will wrap around the ankle several times and will be tied in a bow.

A variant of the triangular pattern is shown in the figure below. You get a three-leaf flower with openwork patterns in the corners. All this splendor is closed in a triangle. Along the perimeter of which there are picos at regular intervals.

crochet pattern for leg decoration

The pattern can be modified to your liking. If you increase the number of air loops, while reducing the number of columns, you get a more openwork pattern. There is a chance to achieve a thin web at all.

At the ends of the chains for strings, you can make one morepico. They will make them a little heavier and give a complete look.

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