How to make roses from ribbons with your own hands
How to make roses from ribbons with your own hands

Ready-made ribbons are an excellent material for creating beautiful crafts. Masters are especially fond of making roses with their own hands from ribbons, using satin, crepe and nylon strips of fabric. There are many ways to make them, and completely different. Some flowers are collected from individual petals, others are sewn together from long strips. To work on small details, use threads or candle fire. It is interesting to complete the task by folding the tape in a certain way.

In the article, we will take a closer look at how to create do-it-yourself ribbon roses for beginners. The presented photos will help to better understand the way the crafts are made, from what elements it was sewn together into a single whole. Detailed step-by-step explanations will make it possible to cope with the manufacture of a beautiful flower on your own and without mistakes.

Before you start working on any kind of ribbon roses with your own hands, prepare the material. Consider the size of the craft, where it will be located - either on the fabric or inin the form of a brooch on clothes, a wall panel or a flower on a stem for placing in a vase. Depending on the option chosen, the width of the tape, the quality of the fabric, thread and needle are selected; if necessary, melting the edges may require a candle or a lighter. If the craft will be sewn with threads, then select them according to the color of the ribbon. If the flower is going to glue, then it is more convenient to use hot melt adhesive. If you decide to make a brooch, then you need a base for attaching the finished product. Usually, for this purpose, they acquire a sheet of felt of a given shade and a metal fastener. You can decorate a flower by attaching a small bug, such as a ladybug, to one of the petals, it is interesting to glue a shiny pebble.

Little roses

With your own hands, you can create a small flower from ribbons by bending the fabric. This is a simple task that even a schoolboy can handle. The photo below gives a step-by-step master class for making such a craft option. The tape is taken narrow. Start work from the middle of the segment.

simple rose

Turn one part to the other at a right angle, then make the bends on one side, then on the other side alternately. When laid out in a stack of 10 - 12 folds, the rose is assembled by pulling. To do this, hold one edge of the tape with your fingers and pull the other until it stops. Both ends are tied with a strong knot. It turns out a small rose with many identical petals. From below, you can attach green leaves and sew it onto the main fabric of the clothes.

Combined version of crafts

Curvydo-it-yourself roses from ribbons can be assembled by combining different manufacturing methods in one craft. In our sample, the flower is made to decorate the hair band. A circle is cut out of pink felt, the size of which should be smaller than the flower so that the fabric is not visible from below. A satin or crepe ribbon is laid out on it with loops.

You can cut short segments and collect them with a needle and thread in the center, or you can collect the lower opposite petals from one segment. It is desirable to melt the edges of the fabric so that the threads do not split. The shiny front of the tape is on the outside, pay attention to this when folding the loops on the warp.

lush rose in a combined way

This method makes out all the lower details. The central part of the flower is made by folding the tape alternately at an angle. The bud is wound around the middle of the rose towards the edge. From below, this element is restrained by stitches in the center so that the workpiece does not fall apart. It remains only to sew the two parts together and attach the finished flower to the elastic. You can complement the rose with leaves from a green satin ribbon.

Assembling a flower from pieces of ribbon

Let's look at how to make roses from ribbons with your own hands from individual parts. To form the central bud, cut a length of 10 cm, bend one corner of the strip to the opposite side, as shown in the photo above. Then wrap the remaining fabric in a bud and grab the stitches from below. Then there is painstaking work on the preparation of each petal. Segments are cutdifferent sizes, the farther from the center of the rose, the longer they should be.

step by step photo making a rose

The step-by-step photo shows how to lay the fabric of each element. You can secure the petal with pins, but it is more reliable to make a couple of stitches. The last stage is the folding of all the details of the craft together. The petals are shifted so that all elements are clearly visible and do not overlap one another.

A plain rose looks beautiful, but you can collect it from segments of different shades. At the end, add 2 or 3 leaves and a thin green satin ribbon for beauty.

Using candle fire

The next option for making do-it-yourself roses from ribbons is carried out using a candle. Fire is needed to melt the edges of each petal, firstly, it prevents the threads from fraying and spoiling the craft, and secondly, it adds naturalness to the edges, creating beautiful wavy bends.

candle burnt petals

Before work, cut the tape into circles of different sizes. The inner petals are small and the outer petals are large. Each row is made up of elements of the same size. The flower is assembled either with hot glue or with a needle and thread matched in the same shade as the fabric of the tape. The details are arranged, starting from the central bud, with a shift by half the petal. A rose made in this way is unusually airy and light.

The easiest and fastest option

Do-it-yourself roses from satin ribbons can be made in severalhand movements.

rose wrap on hand

This quick method consists of three steps:

  1. Wrap several layers of tape around your palm. Set the edge aside so that it stands out from the background of other turns.
  2. Push the end of the ribbon under all layers and tie a tight knot, pulling all the turns together.
  3. It remains only to distribute all the loops alternately to the left and right side and beautifully bend the edges of the ribbon to make rose petals. The last loop of fabric remains in the center.

Ruffle rose

To create such a delicate rose from ribbons with your own hands, pick up a thin chiffon or nylon fabric. Prepare a long strip of tape and on one side of it, sew two seams at a small distance from each other (about 0.5 cm). Moreover, the fabric must be slightly gathered to make a frill.

soft rose

It is recommended to use the machined edge of the tape for the upper part of the workpiece so that the threads do not have to be melted. In this case, the edges are deformed, and the rose will no longer be as airy as in the photo in the article. It remains only to carefully roll the craft into a roll and sew the bottom edge with stitches.

Craft made from fabric folded in half

Having a sewing machine, you can make an original rose in a couple of minutes. To do this, purchase a wide satin ribbon and fold it horizontally in half. The edges are not aligned evenly, but with a shift of several centimeters.

satin ribbon craft

Afterthe entire side is sewn, the thread must be tightened to form small gatherings of fabric. It remains to tightly wind the strip into a skein and sew the lower edge with stitches. If you do not have a sewing machine, this work can be done manually. Take a little more time, but this will not affect the quality of the finished product, since the seams will be hidden inside. It turns out a rose with soft sides.

Craft from nylon ribbon

The wider the tape used, the larger the craft will turn out. Master class of roses from ribbons with your own hands, read further in the article. The work consists of two stages. First you need to fold the edge of the tape and sew the bud along the bottom edge with a few stitches. The remaining long strip of fabric is folded in loops with a shift of half its width.

rose from nylon ribbon

From the bottom, grab the folded part immediately with small stitches, moving the needle only forward so that you can pull the end of the thread and make a small frill. All that remains is to wrap the ribbon around the central bud and secure the rose with a needle and thread.

The original way

At the end of our story, we will focus on another interesting way to make a rose from a satin ribbon. This work will take a lot of time, since each petal will first have to be folded into a triangle, and then stitched along the outer edge with small stitches by hand. The seam is applied only by moving forward, since at the end of the work the thread will have to be pulled towards itself to form folds.

how to sew a stripe with petals

First turnthe fabric is twisted into a tight bud, and after that the main folding of the tape is made. In order to make a beautiful rose, starting from the bud, the fabric is wound tightly around the center. Fasten the craft with threads along the bottom edge of the fabric. You can supplement the design of the flower with green leaves or fasten it to a wire covered with ribbon. In this case, it will be possible to put the flower in a vase and make a beautiful bouquet for decorating the room or present it as a gift to a loved one.

In the article we examined in detail how to make a rose from a ribbon. An overview of the methods will provide an opportunity to choose from a variety of options you like. The step-by-step photographs presented in the article will help you cope with the task much easier and quickly master the methods described in the article. Good luck!

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