Knitting raglan: men's wool sweater
Knitting raglan: men's wool sweater

Raglan knitting differs from most knitwear in that the work in this case is done from top to bottom. All details of the sweater are knitted to the end of the armhole in the chosen pattern, and the collar, cuffs and bottom hem can be made in rib or garter stitch. A jumper made of melange yarn will look elegant and original even when knitted with the front stitch.

Raglan knitting

Men's raglan sweater

For work you will need:

- hosiery needles No. 2, 5;

- wool yarn - 500 grams;

- safety pins or auxiliary knitting needles;

Long stocking needles or circular needles make knitting raglan much easier, but you can get by with the usual ones that are comfortable for you.

Getting Started

Cast on 112 sts on the needles and knit in a rib 4 cm high, then distribute the sts as follows: 40 sts on the front and back, and 14 sts on each sleeve. The remaining 4 loops are used to form raglan, which is obtained with the help of crochets from bothsides of the connecting loop. In total, we perform 8 yarn overs in each front row.

Raglan sweater

After the distribution of the loops, we continue to work, knitting 40 loops in front of the front, yarn over, 1 knit., yarn over, 14 loops., yarn over, 1 knit., yarn over, 40 loops of the back, yarn over, 1 knit., yarn over. We continue knitting raglan with the addition of loops until its length reaches 32 centimeters, then the parts of the sweater are made separately. To do this, we remove the loops of the sleeves and the back on safety pins or separate knitting needles and continue knitting in front of stocking stitch for another 30 centimeters. We finish the work with an elastic band 6–8 centimeters high and close the loops. In a similar way, we carry out the back of the sweater and proceed to knitting the sleeves with stocking stitch, reducing the loops on both sides of each 8 rows. The length of the sleeve to the cuffs will be approximately 40 cm, we knit the cuffs themselves with an elastic band for another 6 cm.

We steam the finished product with an iron through cotton fabric, without affecting the elastic band. We connect the front and back, then the seams of the sleeves. Our raglan sweater is ready, but do not rush to hang it on a coat hanger. If you do not have a special hanger for knitwear, store the product folded.

Men's raglan sweater

Above, we looked at simple raglan knitting in order to understand the very principle of its implementation. However, instead of one connecting loop, you can use fragments of the pattern that the sweater is made with. In products with Irish aran, a beautiful embossed raglan is obtained from any braid that is not too wide. In this case, the addition of loops can be done on the right and leftfrom the relief, knitting the crochets with a crossed loop according to the pattern. Knitted two or three connecting loops can be the highlight of a women's jumper made from fancy yarn.

In cases where the pattern requires knitting from the bottom up, you can do the raglan in the reverse order. To do this, we separately knit all parts of the product, and then connect them. Instead of yarn overs, in every second row we knit three loops together so that the middle one lies on top. When the size of the cutout becomes sufficient, we draw up the gate in any convenient way. You can also remove extra loops under a braid or relief. This knitting method requires some experience, but it is also easy, and the result will please you.

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