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DIY Christmas costumes for kids: photos, patterns. Knitted Christmas costume for a baby
DIY Christmas costumes for kids: photos, patterns. Knitted Christmas costume for a baby

New Year's parties are just around the corner, which means it's time to prepare the children for this event. Dancing around the Christmas tree, funny contests and, of course, gifts remained bright flashes in the memory of each of us. And in order not to deprive our children of this wonderful fun, on the eve of the holidays, all mothers try to make interesting New Year's costumes for kids with their own hands. This fabulous process can be fun for all family members: older children can act as designers, expressing their preferences, kids will be interested in a beautiful rain, and moms and dads will have to bring all ideas to life.

christmas costumes for kids

How to sew a New Year's costume for a baby with your own hands, and will be discussed further. The article will cover the main points of the cut, the sequence of assembly of all parts, tips for processing seams and interesting ideas for images.

Selection of materials

Christmas costumes for babies must be made of soft fabrics so that the child is cozy and comfortable. That means preferenceyou need to give cotton-based velor, velsoft or fleece. For a thinner suit, a cooler or interlock is suitable. In any case, New Year's costumes for kids should be sewn from soft knitted fabrics. The choice of fabric directly depends on the invented image.

Costume Ideas

New Year's costumes for babies up to a year old are best done in the form of overalls, because a child at this age is almost always on hand, and constantly tucking a blouse into pants is not very convenient. Even if this is an outfit for a baby, the skirt can be sewn directly onto the jumpsuit. This basis can be beaten in any way.

It can be a little Santa Claus, a dog, a dragon, a snowflake, a ladybug, a bunny, a bear cub, a Snow Maiden or superheroes: Batman, Superman and Spiderman. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and make appropriate accents.

New Year's costumes for kids photo
  1. Santa. Such a New Year's costume for a baby up to a year old can consist of a jumpsuit with white trims sewn on the sleeves, around the neck, along the hips and on the legs, with a black belt made of soft leather sewn to the base, and a plaque made of yellow soft felt. The hat should be in the form of a cap with a fur pompom. It can be made with ties so that it does not fall off the baby. For such an outfit, you will need a meter of red fabric for the base, about 30 cm of white velvet or fine fur, 2 cm of leather and a piece of felt for decoration. It is better to make a jumpsuit with a hidden zipper in front, so that the baby can lie comfortably in it.
  2. Superman. Christmas costumes for kidsgood because they do not require fine detail. The basic elements are enough to make the image recognizable. So, for example, Batman can be made of gray fabric with black legs from the knees and sleeves from the elbows. A yellow stripe of fabric can be sewn along the belt. And make a Batman badge on the chest: a black bat on a yellow oval.
  3. Charming little Snowflake will not leave anyone indifferent. A white jumpsuit with a tulle tutu skirt sewn to the waist, a lace collar and cuffs, with a snowflake sewn from a sequined ribbon on the chest, is the best solution for the baby.

And these are just some of the ideas. New Year's costumes for kids, the photos of which are presented in the article, will be a good example and source of inspiration. By imagining, you can create unique unique outfits.

do-it-yourself Christmas costumes for kids

Pattern for the basis of the suit

Christmas costumes for kids are very easy to perform and do not require complex calculations and measurements. Building a jumpsuit template is easy. To do this, you need to take the jumpsuit or T-shirt and panties available in the wardrobe (matching them along the waist line), lay them out on paper turned inside out and circle around the contour. After that, you should determine the depth of the neck in front and behind and the seams of the connection of the base with the sleeves. Next, all the details are cut out of paper. In this case, the part with the body must be folded in half so that the sides are symmetrical. Then they are cut along the fold and the front shelf is made from one, deepening the neck, and the second is left for the templatebackrest.

Cut fabrics

After the pattern is ready, you can start cutting. New Year's costumes for babies require special processing, so you need to give a good allowance for seams, about 1.5 cm. Parts can be connected with an overlock, but it is better to process the cuts with a linen seam. To turn up the sleeves, you should also give an allowance of about 3 cm or cut out additional strips of fabric to decorate the cuffs.

patterns of New Year's costumes for kids

The size of decorative elements is determined in the course of work. By attaching a piece of material to the details of the overalls, you can adjust the required size of the badges and the length of the belt. Patterns of New Year's costumes for kids are not much different from each other. A significant role here is played by the design, which needs to be given due attention.

Assembly process

Work on combining the cut parts begins with the connection of the shoulder seams. But here you can make a digression and first sew all the decorative elements to the details. Fragments of a belt, skirt, edge, and so on are sewn to the back and shelves. After that, you can proceed to the main assembly steps. First, close the shoulder seams and process the neckline with an oblique trim or a strip of fabric, then sew a zipper into the middle section of the front, then sew the gusset to the front of the overalls. It is a small rhombus that is inserted into the bow seam in pants. This will allow the baby to move their legs easily and give room for the diaper.

After moving on to the connection of the side sections and the middle crotch. At this stagewe can assume that the costume is ready.

As you can see, making Christmas costumes for kids with your own hands is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. And even if there is absolutely no experience, the key to success will be the desire and the right fabric.

New Year's costume for a baby up to a year

Practical Tips

  • For inexperienced craftswomen, it is best to take fleece or velor for work. The thin pile of these materials will hide possible sewing imperfections.
  • It is better not to iron the product, but to rinse it after production so as not to melt the fabric.
  • For decorative elements, you should take a fabric that does not crumble. It can be the same velor of a different color or supplex.
  • If any sign is planned on the chest, then the hidden zipper can be shifted to the side or sewn in so that the elements are evenly connected when fastened.
  • It is better to sew all decorative motifs in a small zigzag, this will make the seams more elastic.

Knitted suit

A knitted New Year's costume for a baby will look no less interesting. In its manufacture, you can also use a pattern of overalls. Here it is important to choose the right thread. Special requirements are put forward for them: they must be soft and natural. To make the costume look more spectacular, it is better to make it multi-layered, that is, knit decorative elements separately and put them on top of the base.

knitted christmas costume for baby

Knitted Christmas tree suit

Openwork dress with tight knit top and skirtwith a pattern "Pineapples" or with a bottom in the shape of a bell, knitted with ordinary loops with a crochet from "Grass" yarn - a great option for a Christmas tree look. Sewn on beads and snowflakes will perfectly complement the baby's outfit. It is suitable for girls who already know how to walk. A conical hat on the head made of the same yarn, reinforced with cardboard and a bright star on the crown is a great accessory to complete the look. A tulle petticoat will suit this dress, which will help keep the conical shape.

Knitted Snowflake suit

A tulle tutu skirt, a white long-sleeved T-shirt, a starched stand-up openwork knitted collar representing three connected motifs, and sewn-on snowflakes crocheted from white fine yarn on the skirt will make the look unique. As an accessory, you can use a headband with a snowflake embellished with rhinestones.

sew a New Year's costume for a baby with your own hands

Don't be afraid, you need to turn on your imagination, add diligence and perseverance, and chic New Year's costumes for kids will come out. Photos of the New Year holidays will remain in the family archive and will warm the soul with warm memories.

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