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How to make a children's doctor costume for a girl and a boy?
How to make a children's doctor costume for a girl and a boy?

When we are asked in childhood: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, every second child answers: “A doctor!”. Therefore, it is very important that the baby tries to try on this image. In this article, we will take a closer look at a children's doctor costume and how you can make it yourself at home.

What are the costumes

As you know, in medicine there are several types of uniforms. These are white coats and suits with pants. Therefore, decide which of these species you want to see on your child. If you choose a doctor's costume for a girl, then we advise you to give preference to a dressing gown, this image gives more femininity. But there are main parts of the costume that are desirable to use:

  • suit or robe;
  • headdress;
  • shoes;
  • additional paraphernalia.

Later in the article, we will dwell on each point in detail.


We want to warn you right away that it will not work to change a doctor's children's costume from existing clothes. Therefore, to begin with, go for a fabric, we advise you to choose cotton or synthetics. Next, you will need sewing skills on a typewriter. We take measurements of the child and start sewing.

Ifyou have chosen a bathrobe, then it should not be below the knees. The dressing gown can be on buttons or on a snake. If necessary, an additional belt is sewn. It can also be supplemented with medical symbols, such as a red cross. One of the options for a dressing gown for a girl can be seen in the following photo.

children's doctor costume

If you chose a suit, you can combine it with ready-made clothes. The color scheme of medical suits is diverse, these are blue, white, pink shades. Therefore, if the child’s wardrobe has wide pants of one of the listed shades, you can safely wear them. But the top of the suit must be sewn. You should get a jacket with a wide cut, on which you can depict medical symbols. In the next photo you can see one of the options for how the doctor's children's costume looks.

Christmas costumes


All medical workers wear hats, so we will sew a hat. For this, the same material as for the suit is suitable. The cap should not be too high, but at the same time it should fit snugly on the baby's head. The headpiece consists of two parts, top and side. In order for the hat to “stand”, when sewing, cardboard is placed between the parts of the fabric. Even on this detail, you can depict the emblem of the red cross, which will make the children's doctor costume more interesting.


In order for the doctor's suit to be harmonious, choose the right shoes. It must be white. It can be sneakers, slippers and even Czechs. Notforget that shoes should be comfortable and comfortable.


You can choose the costume of Dr. Aibolit, famous from fairy tales. You don't need to think of anything special. Such a suit should consist of a white coat, a bag. Just for such a costume, the mask of Dr. Aibolit was invented, which looks like this.

doctor aibolit mask

You can buy ready-made, or you can make your own with cardboard and paint.

Addition of the image

How can you portray a doctor without his chest of medicines and other attributes? But first things first.

If you chose a trouser suit, then it can be supplemented with rubber gloves and a mask. Gloves are purchased at any pharmacy, as is a mask. But you can sew it yourself, from the same material as the entire costume. A child may wear a mask all the time, or may wear it occasionally, for example, in order to take a picture.

But this is not all the available options for detailing the image. If you look at the next photo, you can understand what we are talking about.

doctor costume for girls

The doctor's chest will certainly complement the image, and if we are considering New Year's costumes, then we can pay attention to the decoration with tinsel. If you have a small bag at home, you can decorate it by applying a red cross, paint or in the form of a patch. Such a bag should not be too bulky so that it is not difficult for the baby. If you have a desire, you can sew the bag yourself. It is betterchoose a dark and solid color fabric with a dense structure.

But these are not all possible options for creating a full-fledged image of a doctor. Next, we will talk about special medical equipment. It can be a real phonendoscope, which is hung around the child's neck. Unfortunately, it is impossible to create it yourself. Therefore, if you know doctors, maybe they will find an old or broken device.

New Year's costumes will look very impressive, in which an ENT doctor's head mirror is used as an addition. Of course, if it is possible to use the present, this will be a definite plus. But if not, then you can try to make it yourself at home. We will need a fixing bandage and the mirror itself, instead of which you can use foil or other shiny material. We combine our parts - and get a harmonious children's doctor's costume.

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