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How to make a children's gypsy costume with your own hands?
How to make a children's gypsy costume with your own hands?

Gypsies are a cheerful and nomadic people who sacredly honor their traditions. Songs, dances - this is something without which it cannot be imagined. Therefore, it is not surprising if you decide to choose the image of a gypsy as a carnival costume for a child.

What does the outfit look like?

Now you can buy a variety of ready-made costumes, including gypsy ones. But if you want to try yourself in the role of a designer and a seamstress, then the following information will be very useful to you. A gypsy costume for a boy consists of such details as:

  • pants;
  • shirt;
  • headdress;
  • shoes;
  • Additions to the look.

You can use the example of adult costumes to see how one of the options for a gypsy image looks like.

gypsy costume


To begin with, I would like to note one feature of the costume - this is the ability to alter or use the things in the wardrobe. So, if the child has dark pants, you can use them. If not, then you'll have to make your own. In this case, it is better to choose satin or silk, because we need to create a festive and elegant gypsy costume. Take your child's measurements correctlyand start sewing.

When finished, pants should be wide and loose. Ideally, you should use a black fabric, but in the absence of one, dark brown or gray is also suitable. If desired, you can decorate the bottom of the legs with gold fittings or braid.

There is another option for trousers - these are wide breeches, knee-length. At the bottom of the legs, you can create the effect of torn fabric. But when choosing this option, you need special shoes, which we will talk about later.

If you don't want to create a gypsy costume too bright and shiny, then choose a fabric without glitter and chic, it can be linen or cotton.

Top suit

This part of the costume is a shirt with wide sleeves. If you decide to sew a gypsy costume with your own hands, then we advise you to follow the basic rule - use the same material. If your pants are made of satin, then use the same material for the shirt, only in a different color.

As you can see in the photo, the shirt of this suit is not like what we are used to wearing. Therefore, the use of existing clothes is not suitable here.

The shirt is sewn without buttons, only a few on top, and that is not necessary. You can make a V-neck, which will look very impressive.

So we figured out the fabric, now let's move on to choosing the color. As mentioned above, the gypsy costume has no clear rules and boundaries. This applies to the color scheme of shirts, so feel free to choose red, yellow, green and other bright colors.

I would also like to note that a children's gypsy costume can be optionallyadd a vest. We recommend sewing it from the same material as the entire outfit. But it is not necessary to observe the color scheme. That is, the vest may contrast with the color of the pants and shirt. The result is an interesting and bright gypsy costume. A photo of this option can be viewed below.

gypsy costume for boy


For greater harmony of the image, a scarf is almost always used. It can cover the entire head or look like a bandage. If after sewing the costume you have leftover pieces of fabric, you can use them as a bandage.

The color of this accessory has no fundamental difference. You can use bright colors that blend with the overall background of the suit.

But that's not all, a hat is often used as a unique headdress. Moreover, it is put on directly on a bandage or scarf. I would like to note that such a bold decision makes the gypsy costume more interesting.

Now we note that the headdress is not an obligatory part of the image. Therefore, if you do not have the opportunity or desire to use it, then it is quite possible to do without it. In the next photo you can see an example of what a gypsy costume without a headdress might look like.

do-it-yourself gypsy costume


Do you think that no carnival costume can do without shoes? You are mistaken, the gypsy costume is just like that. Gypsies are a poor people who love freedom. Therefore, they are often barefoot. But we're talking about children'scostumes, which means that they must remember the safety of the kids. This option is appropriate if the suit is worn on the beach. Carnivals are often held in children's camps, so a barefoot gypsy costume is suitable for such an occasion.

gypsy costume photo

For another option, choose black shoes or boots. Any available will do. And now let's talk about shoes that are chosen under the breeches. We have already said that instead of trousers, you can sew breeches that have a torn bottom. So, high boots, dark in color, are best suited for them.

Although boots go well with trousers, it is not always convenient to put them on due to the large amount of fabric. In general, as you can see, choosing shoes for a gypsy costume is not difficult.


One of the main additions to the costume is the belt. In almost every variation of the costume, you can see that the trousers and shirt are connected with a belt. You don't need anything special to make it. Long dense fabric - and there is a belt that we need. But again, I want to emphasize that it is better to sew it from the same fabric as the entire suit.

The color of the belt can be combined with a scarf, or, on the contrary, you can make it contrast against the background of the suit. It should be wide enough and tie sideways to keep the ends loose.

children's gypsy costume

As we have already said, gypsies are musical people, so you can choose a small instrument as an addition to the costume. It can be a tambourine or a nozzle.

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