How to knit a men's scarf
How to knit a men's scarf

A long men's scarf, knitted by a woman's hands, will warm the body and soul of a loved one. To give a product created by yourself, you need to master the simple tricks of working with knitting needles or crochet.

The first example will describe how to knit a scarf with knitting needles. For a classic scarf with a length of 155 cm and a width of 23 cm, you will need 150 grams of wool yarn. If desired, the edges can be decorated with tassels.

Men's scarf

English gum is the most appropriate technique for this job. So that the edge of the product is not overtightened when casting on, the thread is taken twice.

It is necessary to dial an odd number of loops, with a given width - 95. One knitting needle is released. An edge loop from the typed ones is removed on it.

Then one loop is knitted. We place the thread before work, the next loop is removed with a crochet.

Further movements are repeated - one facial, the next is removed in the same way. The pattern does not change until the end of the row. The hem is knitted on the wrong side.

How to knit a scarf with knitting needles

The work is turning over. The hem, both in the first row and in all subsequent ones, is removed without knitting. It will be followed by a purl loop, which is removed with a crochet.

Knit the nextfront behind the front wall.

The series is being worked out to the end. The last loop - as in the first row.

All rows are done the same way. You need to finish the work freely, without dragging. You can close the loops with a needle.

There are many other techniques for knitting a men's scarf with knitting needles. But this one is the simplest, accessible to beginners. Knitting looks great and does not take much time.

Easier than just crochet a scarf. Firstly, for those who have never knitted, it is difficult to hold long knitting needles in their hands, it seems that the loops are about to slip off them and the work will crumble. Experienced craftswomen know that this sometimes happens, but it is not difficult to put everything in place by dissolving one row. There are no such problems when crocheting.

The choice is up to the needlewoman, what technique to use and how to knit. A crochet scarf looks different. Using a hook, it is better to knit women's openwork scarves, as well as products from Dantel's threads. Men's scarf requires a more strict style.

But for those who have made the choice in favor of the hook, below are brief recommendations on how to crochet a men's scarf. Depending on the length, 150-200 air loops are typed. The length of the chain is equal to the chosen length of the scarf. The size of the hook should match the thickness of the thread.

How to crochet a scarf

There are many crochet techniques, but for a beginner, in order to get the job done, it is enough to master one of the simplest, for example, a single crochet.

After the chain of the desired length is dialed, the crochet is stretchedworking thread in the second loop. Thus, two loops are obtained. The working thread is picked up and passed through them. The same movements are repeated throughout the row.

To knit the next row, before turning the knitting over, make one additional air loop. All actions are repeated until the required width is connected. At the end, the thread is tightened, the main thing is that the work is not too tight

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