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Children's checkmate in chess. What it is?
Children's checkmate in chess. What it is?

Today many people are interested in chess, but not everyone is familiar with the rules. Therefore, before playing your first game, you need to carefully study the basic rules of the move. Particularly important are the provisions, which include checkmate, check and stalemate. Naturally, for an experienced chess player, the differences are obvious. But it is difficult for a beginner to understand the features. According to the rules, a check is a position of pieces where the opponent's king is clearly under threat. There are three possible ways out of the situation:

children's checkmate in chess

- create check protection;

- beat the piece that makes the check;

- put the king in a position where he will be without the threat of attacks.

Defining concepts

Checkmate is a situation when the pieces are placed in such a position that the opponent's king is clearly under threat. The latter is in a hopeless situation and has no way to retreat back. There is also a stalemate when the king has no way to retreat, but the opponent has not yet declared check. The player is unable to make moves becauseexcept for the king, he has no pieces left.

Is it possible to avoid such mate

chess how to checkmate

In order not to immediately fail, you need to clearly understand for yourself which combinations lead to a losing situation. The most common among beginners is the children's checkmate in chess. This technique is quite tricky, and those who do not have experience and knowledge come across it. It is quite simple to implement it. Here the calculation is made on the fact that the opponent does not know the final position. Of course, it is important to know how to checkmate children before playing chess, but it is still not worth hoping that the opponent will make a mistake. The main thing is to try to win on your own. If you know in advance how to put a children's mat, then you can predict how events will develop. The main idea of ​​such a cunning trick is that the opponent is trying to bring the queen to the f3 or h5 square. In order for such a move to be realized, one must first move a pawn from the king either to the e3 square or to the e4 square. So you can move both black and white pieces. Next, the bishop must be moved to the c4 square, after which the pawn is under attack on the f7 square. This is where the opponent must seriously concentrate, otherwise he will face a childish mate in chess.

What to look out for

how to put up a baby mat

The game of chess belongs to the category of intellectual. The player's task is to learn to see the future and be able to predict all possible scenarios. One of the most important moments for any chess playeris the knowledge of theory. Only in this way will he be able to avoid such a development of events as a children's checkmate in chess. Such a loss is considered quite stupid and offensive, because it is very easy to calculate it. This situation is most common among chess players. If you are going to play with an experienced opponent, you should not try to checkmate him in chess. If a player is strong enough and has extensive experience in such games, he knows perfectly well how to properly defend himself from such a situation and will certainly use the appropriate technique. It is especially important to remember the following: in no case should such a situation be created during tournaments and important competitions. All experienced players know it very well, and you can put yourself in such an act in a stupid position.

And finally…

When it's easy to checkmate children in chess, you can start learning how to defend against such situations. Any good player should not only be able to create a dangerous situation in the game, but also be able to respond to it. And first you need to learn to see the further possible development of the game and know the basic rules.

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