Uno: game rules and overview
Uno: game rules and overview

Recently, various board games have played a leading role in our leisure time, the passion for which has swept almost the entire planet. And one of the most interesting among them is the Uno board game, the rules of which are very simple and understandable to everyone without exception.

Game package contents

The Uno card game is always sold in a small bright red cardboard box. Opening it, you can see the following cards inside:

  • 108 simple cards in four colors - red, yellow, blue and green;
  • a stack of eight Draw 2 cards containing two cards of each color;
  • a stack of eight Change Direction cards containing two cards of each color;
  • a stack of eight "Skip Turn" cards containing two cards of each color;
  • 4 cards named "Wild Card";
  • 4 wild cards called Draw 4.
uno game packaging

Goal of the game

Before you figure out the rules and how to play Uno cards, you should decide on the purpose of this card game. And it is very simple - you need to be the very first to reset all yourcards from hand, while other players should have the maximum number of cards. Indeed, in the final game, players count the points for the cards that they have left in their hands, and then they are all summed up, and the final figure is recorded on the winner's account. The game continues until one of the participants reaches 500 points.

Game progress

Having learned the goal of the game, you can start to find out in more detail how to play Uno, the rules of which, by the way, are quite simple. The first step is to shuffle the deck thoroughly, distribute seven cards to all players, and put the remaining cards in a pile face down. Next, one card from the set aside deck is turned upside down and placed right next to it, so that cards are then placed on it in the "hang up". After that, the first player can start walking from any card, for example, "Green Two". However, this is only if the open card from the set aside deck was a number, but if there was a card with an action, then the first player must already skip the move, take 2 cards or take some other action, depending on the open card.

After a "digital" card has been de alt on the table, Uno's rules require the next player to deal any card of either the same color or the same denomination. So, behind the "Green deuce" it will be possible to lay out either the "deuce" of blue, yellow or red, or any other card of the green suit. And so the game goes round and round. If a person does not have the desired card, he draws cards from the set aside until he finds the one he needs. And when the set aside deck will becompletely dismantled, in its place are all those cards that are on the table, taking into account that we do not put aside only the last card, but leave it open so that the game continues. And of course, if you have action cards, you can use them to match the timing.

fully unfolded uno cards

Simple cards

Having learned the approximate course of the game, let's now find out how, according to the rules of the Uno card game, simple cards look like, the number of which is 108 pieces. So, simple cards are four suits - green, yellow, red and blue. And each of these suits has 10 denominations - from 0 to 9.

The meaning of the card "Draw 2"

Having de alt with simple cards, now let's find out the meanings of action cards, which, according to the current rules of the Uno game in Russian, can change the course of the game. And one of those cards is the Draw 2 card, which comes in green, yellow, red, or blue. So, having noticed that the player sitting next to you has few cards left, you will need to put it on the table so that this player draws two cards from the deck and skips the move. However, it will only be possible to place it if the color of this card matches the card lying on the playing surface, or another “Draw 2” card already lies there.

Meaning of the "Change of Direction" card

Another important valid card, according to the rules of Uno, is the "Change Direction" card, on which two arrows are drawn pointing in different directions. If the player places this card on the game boardsurface, of course, or on the same action card or next to a card of the same color, then the course of the game is reversed. That is, initially the course of the game goes in a circle and the player who sits to the left of the one who first starts laying out his cards always goes next. So, if this person lays out a card with arrows, then the next one to go will not be the one who sits to the left, but the one who sits to the right of him.

Meaning of the "Skip Turn" card

Also, the rules of Uno in Russian indicate that often the turning point in the game can be a laid out card “Skipping a turn”, which shows a crossed out circle. As the name implies, if this card was laid out, then the next player skips a turn, and the next player goes instead. If two people play, then the next move is made by the same person who laid out this card on the playing surface. And of course, you can put it only if it matches the color of the cards lying on the table or there is another “Skip Turn” card.

What is a Wild Card

No less important, according to the rules of the Uno game in Russian, is a card with an unusual name "Wild Card", which depicts an oval divided into 4 multi-colored segments. Unlike other action cards, it can be placed regardless of whether there is another such “Wild Card” or a card with a certain color on the table. And the function of this card is to determine the further trump card of the game, that is, the color that the next player will have to lay out, if, of course, he hasthere is no other "Wild Card". Most often, they try to save this card for last, so that later they can be like at the most opportune moment.

uno cards

Draw 4 Wild Card Meaning

But the most important thing, according to the rules of Uno, in this exciting game is the Wild card "Draw 4", on which we see an oval, in the center of which four different-colored cards are placed. It is worth laying out this card, as you can order a game trump card, and at the same time the next player draws four cards from the deck and skips a turn. However, there is a very important nuance here! Such a card can be laid out only if you do not have a card of the desired color or value. Of course, initially no one will be able to know if you have the right cards, but if the next player doubts your honesty, he may ask you to show the cards. And in the event that cheating was confirmed, you will have to draw 4 cards instead, and that player will continue to play quietly, as if the Wild card "Draw 4" was not in the game.

Game Over

A very important point of this game, according to the rules of Uno in Russian, is its ending. Because at the very hour when the player has only one card left, he is obliged to inform everyone present about it by shouting “Uno!”, Which means “One!” in Russian. Indeed, in this case, the players will be able to do something and not let the game end. And if you forget to shout to the players that you have only one card left, but someone will have time to notice it, then you will have to draw 2 more cards from the set aside deck, sothat until the end of the game you will be far away again.

laid out uno cards

Pen alties in the game

This is how our board game Uno ends. The rules of the game, however, do not end there. After all, they have one very important point, namely the presence of several game pen alties that add fun to the game.

  1. If during the game a player forgot to shout "Uno!" when he had one card left in his hands, and other players noticed this and pointed at him, shouting "Uno!", Then the one who forgot to shout it word, takes two cards from the draw.
  2. If during the game it was noticed how one player tells the other which card to enter from, and pointed it out to him, then the prompter must take two cards from the deck.
  3. If during the game the player either thought or just wanted to cheat, looking like the wrong card, and was caught red-handed, he must take two cards from the deck.
  4. We've already said what happens if a player is caught red-handed while playing a Draw 4 Wild Card. But in the event that a person, not believing in the sincerity of the player, told him to open the cards, and it turned out that he had no other cards suitable for the move, then this person must take as many as 6 cards from the deck.


playing uno

After we figured out the pen alties, you can start counting points for each player, which, according to the rules of Uno, is very easy and simple. So, let's correlate all the cards with the points that they bring to their owners, andso the winner:

  • any card with numbers from 0 to 9 gives exactly the same number of points;
  • draw 2 card gives 20 points;
  • Change Direction card gives 20 points;
  • Wild card gives 50 points;
  • Wild card "Draw 4" is worth 50 points.

Rules of the game Uno Spin

When the creators of the Uno game noticed that their game had already become boring for the players, they decided to slightly diversify and supplement it, thanks to which the Uno Spin table appeared, which instantly acquired a bunch of fans. This game has all the same rules as the classic Uno, but it also comes with a small reel with an arrow and nine sectors on it, which each player spins before making their move. And depending on which picture the arrow points to, the player, or even all players without exception, must complete one or another task. Perhaps the player will have to draw cards from the deck until a card of the desired color is found, or, conversely, he will be able to discard all cards of the same denomination from his hand, or he may even have to fight with other players to lay out the largest card. In any case, all these tasks are extremely exciting, so playing this kind of Uno board game will be even more interesting.

uno spin

Uno with interception

But we ourselves can change and complicate the game as we like by adding certain rules. So, the classic Uno game can be diversified by adding the possibility of interception to it. It consists in the fact that any player can intercept the move froma player who must walk, having managed to put his card on a pile of cards, which must be exactly the same color and denomination as the one that lies there. And in this case, the player who was supposed to walk loses his turn and waits for a whole circle, because the one who sits on his left hand throws out the card next to the one who was like. However, the Draw 4 Wild Card cannot be played in this case, it can only be played in turn.

Uno "seven-zero"

Even more exciting is the game Uno "seven-zero", the rules of which, of course, completely coincide with the classic version of this board game. However, cards of any color with the numbers 0 or 7 play a very important role here. If a player lays out a card with a face value of 0, then all players change their cards in a circle. That is, each player gives his cards to his neighbor on the left hand. If the player lays out a card with a face value of 7, then he can exchange his cards with any other player at the table at his discretion.

Uno stacked

There is another interesting variation of this board game. Naturally, the rules of the game in it are exactly the same as before, but there is some nuance. So, if a player put the “Draw 2” card, and the next player has such a valid card, then he can not take two cards from the draw and skip the move, but immediately put his card. But in this case, the player who must walk after him will have to take as many as four cards from the deck. However, if he also has a “Draw 2” card, then he puts it down, and the next player takes six cards. And the sameexactly the rules refer to laying out the Wild card “Draw 4” on the table, however, in this case, players will have to take 8, 12, 16 cards and so on.

Interesting facts about the game

playing uno

And finally, let's find out some interesting facts about Uno that will allow you to show off your erudition during the gameplay in front of other players.

  1. The first mention of the specifics of this game can be found in materials dated 1930, but it was officially registered only in 1971.
  2. At the moment, all rights to the implementation of the game belong to Mattel (USA), which also produces the world-famous Barbie doll.
  3. There are a huge number of variations of Uno games. So, for children under three years old, Uno Junior games are released, and there is also a unique game Uno Н2О, in which the cards are not cardboard, but plastic, half transparent and waterproof.
  4. The rules of this game are very similar to the rules of the famous game in Russia "101", or as it is also called "Czech Fool".
  5. Uno is the world's most famous card board game with over 150 million units sold.

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