Winning strategy in checkers - Petrov's triangle
Winning strategy in checkers - Petrov's triangle

The game of checkers is interesting and exciting, and knowing some principles of the final arrangement of pieces, you can also please yourself with confident wins.One of the most versatile, effective and most often used ways to build the final game in checkers - Petrov's triangle.

Stages of the duel

In checkers, Petrov's triangle is the best strategy. The game is usually divided into three stages - beginning, middle and final. Here we will not consider the beginning and middle of the game, but will focus on its final stage, on which the result of the game depends.

Petrov's triangle in checkers

First, let's determine the moment that should be attributed to the final. It comes when the players have about 3-5 checkers left. Of course, up to this point, the players have already had kings, and most likely not one at a time.

It is the presence of kings that easily move across the free squares of the board, which greatly complicates the construction of a winning final composition. The problem is that they are hard to catch. To systematize actions, the purpose of which is to build a winning combination, you need todefine the task and follow the established rules. This strategy is called Petrov's triangle in checkers. The game is based on this idea.

Russian checkers: Petrov's triangle, or How to prepare for the final

The main idea of ​​the strategy for constructing the named triangle is the special arrangement of the figures. Below we will consider its principles, but first we will define the initial data.

Petrov's triangle in checkers

This strategy is used when the player has three kings left, and the opponent has one. This is the case when it is very disappointing to agree to a draw, having a significant superiority in strength.

For information: according to the rules of the game of checkers, a draw with such a balance of forces occurs after 15 moves, if it is not possible to “catch” the king earlier.

So, in order to use the strategy of Petrov's triangle, you need to occupy with your three "kings" the main paths on the checkerboard: "high road", "double line" and "tee line". And you also need to line up your three figures in the shape of a triangle, the acute angle of which is directed at the enemy. It's called standing "face to face."

Petrov's triangle in checkers: sequence of actions

A strict sequence of actions should be followed. The first task required in order to build Petrov's triangle in checkers is to take the "high road" with your "king". Only after that you can proceed to the further arrangement of the figures. If you fail to take it, then the chances of winning are very small. The enemy, located on the "high road", hasadvantage in the game and if you don't make a mistake anywhere, then most likely the game will end in a draw.

Russian checkers Petrov's triangle

If you managed to take the “high road”, then the next stage is the “double line”. It should be occupied by the second "lady". Here the task is much simpler than the previous one. You just need to "push" the enemy, leaving him no choice.

The task of the next stage is to hold the "high road" and the "double line" and take the "tee line" as well. The same method of "squeezing" the enemy is used here.

Further - everything is simple. Holding three directions, you need to arrange the pieces in the form of a triangle and in the next two moves "kill" the enemy, sacrificing first one and then the second king.

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