Craft "Santa Claus's Winter House": we create miracles with our own hands! How to make a winter house for a cat?
Craft "Santa Claus's Winter House": we create miracles with our own hands! How to make a winter house for a cat?

New Year is a magical and fabulous time, which children and adults are looking forward to. It is customary to decorate your houses beautifully for the holiday, and you can do this using not only toys purchased in the store. You can make various and very beautiful crafts with your own hands, for example, a decorative winter house.

Snow-covered hut of Santa Claus

winter house

The decor made of natural material looks very impressive. Try to make a snow-covered hut. Collect in advance a sufficient number of medium-thick twigs, rinse them well and dry them. Prepare the base - glue the walls of the house out of cardboard or use a box that is suitable in size. Windows and doors can be cut or made using the appliqué technique. Paste the prepared frame with twigs, vertically or horizontally, cutting off the appropriate length. Make a separate roof from two identical rectangles or one bent in the middle. Move on to the decor: winter houseshould be all snowy or at least covered with hoarfrost. Use white paint, foam shavings, cotton wool or glitter for this. If you don't have twigs handy, you can replace them with popsicle sticks or a bamboo napkin.

Christmas house made of junk material

Craft winter house

You may be surprised, but in fact, you can make interesting crafts from the most banal materials that can be found in any home today. Empty plastic bottles and food trays, food cartons - we throw away all this every day. A beautiful do-it-yourself craft "Santa Claus's Winter House" can be made from just such waste material. As a base, take a cardboard box from milk or kefir, the bottom of a plastic bottle or a small square container will also work. An interesting idea is to use toilet paper rolls or wallpaper tubes to make the walls of the houses. If necessary, cut the selected blank, then glue it with white paper or paint it with paint. When the facade of the future "building" dries, you can make a roof, windows and a door. Your winter house will be more interesting if you combine several design techniques at once and use different materials for decoration.

How to make snowdrifts?

Craft winter house of Santa Claus do-it-yourself

How to make winter houses with your own hands, we figured it out, now it's worth talking about decorating and decorating crafts. It is interesting to look "seen" or overgrownsnow on the sides souvenirs. How to make such snow caps at home? This is easier than it might seem at first glance: pour PVA glue into some kind of container and moisten a thin layer of cotton wool in it. Squeeze out the excess and spread a piece of mass on the base, gently pressing. In this way, you can decorate the entire roof, the stand on which the house stands, or form real snowdrifts near the walls and porch. In a similar technique, you can try to create artificial snow from thick white paper napkins. The "Winter House" craft can be snowed in another way. Coat the base with transparent glue and sprinkle generously with sugar, s alt or semolina. After creating a snow cover, leave the craft to dry for at least 4 hours, and even better - for the whole night.

Important composition details

A snow-covered decorative house will look more spectacular if you put it on a stand and decorate it with decorative elements. As a base, you can use a piece of cardboard or a lid from a cardboard box with sides. The finished winter house must be glued to the stand, after which we proceed to create the surrounding landscape. Make a snow cover using one of the techniques described above. The composition can be supplemented with a Christmas tree or a snow-covered tree. You can also make a beautiful veranda, ladders, benches, maybe even sleds or skis. Any decorative elements can be cut out of cardboard and painted as you wish. A snow house with a yard can be supplemented with figures of snowmen, fairy-tale characters. Try to make figurinesfrom cotton wool, fabric and cardboard. If you have enough free time and patience, you can even build an entire winter town and populate it with magical characters.

A souvenir or a useful item?

DIY winter houses

Today, minimalism is in fashion, and many people try not to purchase too many beautiful decorative items that cannot fulfill some practical function. Can the craft "Winter House" be not only beautiful and decorative, but also useful? Why not? Do not be too lazy to make the roof removable and decorate the interior of the base box beautifully - and you will get an unusual box or even a small hiding place. An interesting idea is to decorate a "house" for tea in the New Year's style. This craft is easy to make from a liter package of kefir, milk or juice. All you need is to wash the workpiece well and dry, and then decorate to your liking. It is not difficult to make such a tea winter house with your own hands. The craft is designed to store tea bags and is a worthy alternative to factory boxes. Such a house should have a removable roof, and at the bottom it is necessary to cut through and beautifully decorate the window. Accordingly, bags can be loaded through the top, and it is convenient to get them through the bottom if necessary.

How to make a candlestick in the shape of Santa's house?

Do-it-yourself winter house craft

During the New Year holidays, it is customary to decorate your home with garlands, candles and light figures. Easy to do if you wantluminous and New Year's house. The easiest option is to place a part of the garland inside the craft and consider connecting to the network. You can also use an electric candle or any other battery-powered luminous element. You can also make a full-fledged candlestick. However, if you have a winter house made of cardboard, you should pay attention to fire safety. Use the smallest "tea" candles; they can only be placed in a figure made of flammable material in heat-resistant glass cups. It makes sense to make a candlestick, focusing on the size of the candle and the stand for it. The souvenir figure itself should be larger in size and not heat up.

Cat House

Winter house made of cardboard

With your own hands you can make not only small decorative items, but also quite useful things. You may be surprised, but the do-it-yourself craft "Santa Claus's Winter House" can be made as real housing for our smaller brothers. In the New Year's way, you can decorate, for example, a street bird feeder. Of course, decorating with paper and other materials that are afraid of water will have to be abandoned. But you can always use waterproof paints for painting or make a custom-shaped feeder.

winter cat house

An interesting idea is to make a winter house for a cat. Many animals living outside feel the need for warm and dry shelter in cold weather. A cat house can be made from various materials - wooden beams, unnecessary boards, chipboard and plywood. Make a boxsuitable size, insulate it from the inside, and decorate the outside to your taste. The most beautiful house will turn out if you decorate it with a stylized gable roof. If desired, you can paint such a dwelling outside under a Russian hut or a fairy-tale tower. Do not be afraid to create and make a variety of crafts using familiar and so cozy images!

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