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Saddle leather. What is it? Products from it
Saddle leather. What is it? Products from it

Widely used in sewing high-strength products, such as bracelets, cases, wardrobe trunks, sheaths, tablets, bags, belts, saddle leather. Saddles, harnesses, horse harness are made from it, as well as all kinds of equipment and protection items, medical and technical products.


horse saddle

Saddle leather is highly durable, thick, highly resistant to deformation, abrasion and exposure to various liquids. It also has the ability to maintain its properties over a long period of operation.


Heavy weight high-quality raw materials go to the production of saddle leather. Heavy weight includes the skins of cattle, pig, horse and camel skins. Without tanning, the dressing of such material can take place, or it is carried out by a combined or vegetable method, during which the coarse thick leather, which has a dense structure of internal fibers, becomes sufficiently flexible, unsurpassedly strong and acquires the specified performance characteristics. Ready harnesssaddle leather is most often found in the form of semi-leather, whole leather, saddle leather, kulata, belt floor and collar.


Properties, purpose and characteristics of saddle leather are determined primarily on the basis of the method of cutting and belonging of the pieces to certain areas of the skin. According to the totality of indicators of strength, quality and durability, the saddlecloth is the most valuable area. It is cut out from the dorsal part of the skin of cattle. It is saddlecloth, regardless of dressing, that has the smoothest, densest and most uniform structure and the best strength characteristics. Saddlery saddlery is used for the manufacture of leather products with increased wear resistance and is often chosen by craftsmen for tailoring highly specialized and very durable items.


leather bag

Saddle leather according to the generally accepted classification is usually divided into soft and hard. The hard type includes saddlery and saddlery yuft, from which a horse team and various elements of human equipment are made, the soft type is damp.

Hard skin

Has four kinds of saddle leather hard:

  • type "L" - leather for bags and belts used as accessories;
  • type "K" - leather for saddles and horse belts;
  • type "KS" - leather for seats and fenders of saddles;
  • type "P" - leather for trimmer or travel belts.

In the production of saddles and horse harnesses, saddlery is widely usedsaddle leather. It is also excellent for making pouches, weapon holsters, scabbards and semi-hard cases. There are such varieties of yuft: smooth or rifled. It can also be dyed or natural.

Soft leather

women's belt

Softer - raw. It is extremely resistant to stretching and is not tanned during the dressing process. It is one of the varieties of very durable natural leather. Its distinctive feature is its increased plasticity, which is why dampness is indispensable in situations where a certain profile must be given to the belt in advance. This process is called "landing".

Besides belts, which have the highest tensile strength, rawhide made wrist bracelets and wear-resistant bags in which heavy objects can be carried. Six-seven kgf/mm2is the tensile strength of its strength. The rawhide is subdivided into horse-drawn, belt, stitching.

Tech leather

leather saddle

This is a separate subclass of saddlery leather, this leather is intended for the production of harness and drive belts, seals and gaskets, leather cuffs, as well as for parts of various machine tools, industrial mechanisms and assemblies.

It has various properties depending on the purpose. For transmission belts, for example, the leather must be very elastic, dense, uniform in thickness, and have great tensile strength.

Technical leather in the medical industryused in orthopedics, corsets, bandages and prosthesis linings are made from it. Such leather is a hard or flexible, but at the same time sufficiently durable material, which is obtained by combined specific tanning of thick cattle leather.

Specialized products for labor protection are produced from technical leather at certain industrial enterprises. Such products include all kinds of aprons, mittens, gloves, elements of protection of vital organs and the head.

So, from the article it became clear what saddle leather is. It has the following characteristics: strength, wear resistance and durability. Therefore, for sewing bracelets, exclusive belts, dog collars, backpacks, cases, tablets, briefcases and bags, saddle leather is quite often chosen by craftsmen.

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