The best books of Ray Bradbury - the magic of the word
The best books of Ray Bradbury - the magic of the word

Ray Bradbury's work can't help but be admired. A master of short prose, he promptly, emotionally, unusually brightly and originally introduces the reader into the world of his characters. The world of personal feelings and impulses. World of fantasy and thoughts. A world endowed with sensations. Bradbury is an acclaimed wordsmith, and there is a certain aftertaste after reading his books.

Ray Bradbury in one of his stories shares with readers that he writes all his things on a wave of enthusiasm and enthusiasm. It really is. Being already quite old, he continued to write. Every morning began with a story or story. New books come out every year. The last novel of the writer was published in 2006.

Bradbury wrote more than 800 works: novels and short stories, short stories and plays, articles, notes and poems. Many of them have been filmed. Ray Bradbury's best books take a worthy place in various ratings and polls.

ray bradbury best books

The Martian Chronicles

According to Le Monde newspaper, The Martian Chronicles took a well-deserved place in the list of "100 books of the 20th century". One of the most loved by readers, according toPoll "Ray Bradbury - the best books." The book was first published in 1950.

In fact, the novel presents separate stories that were not originally conceived as a single whole. They are sometimes not connected by plots, contradict each other and even differ in mood. They are united by a common theme of the future and the development of a new planet.

In each of the stories, the problems of humanity that were relevant at that time are raised - capitalism, racism, the arms race, the Cold War. The author transfers the inconstancy and disorder of the modern world into the future. Shows the reader how tragic the life of earthlings can end if they fail to stop in time.

In fact, the author's fantastic worlds are our mysterious and amazing planet, which is destroyed by man himself, and not by strange creatures. Ray Bradbury's best books have been filmed, including The Martian Chronicles. Based on the novel, a mini-series of the same name was filmed, which was released in 1980.

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Fahrenheit 451

The novel occupies the first lines of the list of "100 best books of science fiction", which, according to the editors of the magazine "World of Science Fiction", every fan of this genre must read. The novel "451 degrees Fahrenheit" is rightfully considered the best book of the writer, which brought him worldwide fame. One of the famous works in the genre of dystopia opens up to the reader a society in which books are prohibited.

Firefighters are in the business of burning books, not putting out fires. The world is filled with mindless entertainment andTVs. People stopped not only communicating with each other, but also thinking. In his work "Zen in the art of writing books" the author writes that this is literally a "penny novel". At the time, he couldn't afford a typewriter and rented one from the library hall for 10 cents for half an hour.

"Pounded the keys" with insane speed and wrote the first version of the novel "Firefighters" in 9 days. It subsequently became "Fahrenheit 451". The work, which the author calls "a penny novel", in the first line of the "Best Ray Bradbury Books" list, has been translated into many languages ​​​​and became a world bestseller. In 1966, a feature film of the same name, based on the writer's book, was released.

ray bradbury best books

Dandelion Wine

This book, according to the readers of LADY.TUT.BY, takes first place in the list of books that inspire. Top Fantasy Books 2016 features four of Ray Bradbury's best books, including Dandelion Wine. In the novel there is no supernatural theme familiar to the author. This is part autobiographical novel.

Bradbury writes in one of his works that he did not interfere with feelings and the past to tell about himself. And he turned into a twelve-year-old boy, for whom every day of summer becomes a small discovery. The novel gives readers the opportunity to plunge into this magic. In feelings and experiences that cannot be repeated in adulthood.

"Dandelion Wine" is an opportunity to return to the world of childhood, smell the summer and feel that life is full of sunshine. distract fromeveryday bustle and notice its light. Only an unsurpassed master of words, which is Ray Bradbury, can provide readers with such an opportunity.

Books (their list is short) that can kindle a thirst for life, awaken bright and warm feelings in a person, I want to read again and again. Dandelion Wine is one of them. This is a portion of the solar elixir. The novel should not be read in one breath. It must be tasted in small sips. Savoring page after page of “caught and bottled summer.”

ray bradbury best books

Summer, goodbye

As Ray Bradbury writes in one of his stories, the best books are made by trial and error. And he turned out to be right. This is exactly what happened with the manuscript of the book "Dandelion Wine", which the publishers called "raw" and part of it was postponed "until better times." But for the rejected part, the author immediately found a name - "Summer, goodbye." She waited in the wings, acquiring "new thoughts and images."

The main character in the novel gradually matures. And during this period, the line separating children and adults is clearly traced. The hero finds himself in the center of the eternal conflict between fathers and children. But he is not afraid to ask questions that concern him and receive frank answers. The author worked on the novel for about half a century. Farewell Summer is the author's last novel. Even before its release, the book received consumer demand.

ray bradbury best books

Ray Bradbury. Books

The list of works by this author is so large that it is not right to list them allit's just. In addition to the books indicated in the article, the following were widely known:

  • “The Cure for Melancholy” Realistic Stories;
  • "The Man in Pictures" - a collection of non-fiction stories;
  • "Thunder Came" - science fiction stories;
  • "Golden Apples of the Sun" - stories;
  • "Trouble Coming" - fantasy novel;
  • "Dark Carnival" - a collection of "horror" and fantasy stories;
  • "Death is a lonely affair" - detective novel.

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