Pattern "children's bathrobe with a hood": various styles and modeling options
Pattern "children's bathrobe with a hood": various styles and modeling options

Many people prefer to make their own clothes. In order for the product to turn out to be of high quality, the master needs a pattern. A children's robe with a hood can be made in several different ways. This will be discussed in this article.

Open bathrobe from terry towel

There is a model that can be made in just half an hour. She doesn't even need a pattern. In this case, a children's bathrobe with a hood is made very simply: a neck is cut out in the middle of the towel. The hood is attached to the neckline. The difficulty for making this model may just lie in its cutting.

pattern children's bathrobe with a hood

If the master has imagination and time, you can not just use a towel with a ready-made pattern. Using the appliqué technique, it's easy to create an exclusive and creative outfit that will probably become your child's favorite outfit.

To decorate an outfit, you need to take a fabric of a different color and even a different texture, for example, satin or silk. Application details are cut out from it - in this versionthis is the body of a dolphin and its light belly.

You can buy a second towel in light blue and smaller. An animal figure and a hood are cut out of it.

Instructions for sewing a bathrobe from a towel

  1. The main towel is folded across in half.
  2. The neckline is cut in the center.
  3. The hood and the figure of a dolphin are cut out of a smaller towel. The proposed pattern will help in this. A children's robe with a hood will turn out beautiful if the fabric for the appliqué is not too thick.
  4. A patch for the abdomen is cut out of a light, smooth, plain fabric.
  5. The very figure of a dolphin is sewn on the chest so that the hood serves as a continuation - the head of the animal.
  6. Be sure to process the edge of the hood. It is recommended to do this either with a hem or use an oblique inlay.
  7. Then the hood is sewn to the neck. Bed seam should be used.
  8. Dolphin eyes and mouth are embroidered on the hood.
  9. The light belly is the third layer. It is sewn on top already on an appliqué imitating the body of a dolphin.
  10. The edge of the neck without a hood in front of the product is treated with an oblique trim.
  11. If desired, the master can make a belt for a dressing gown. Or you can sew large buttons on the sides and sew loops.

1 Piece robe, flared down

If the span of the baby's hands between the hands is not so large and fits into the width of the fabric, the following pattern will help to make such a model. The children's bathrobe with a hood has no shoulder seams. stitchingonly sidewalls are subject.

children's bathrobe with a hood pattern

The model with contrasting cuffs and overhead large pockets looks very nice. But you can also sew a plain children's bathrobe with a hood. The pattern suggested here can be used for sewing robes of various sizes. It is only important to take into account the length of the product, the semicircle of the chest and the length of the sleeve.

Building a pattern of a one-piece dressing gown with a straight silhouette

A cool outfit with ears on the hood will please both the baby and his loved ones. It looks like a fancy dress, so it gives only positive emotions. And it's so easy to sew this children's robe with a hood. The pattern for making this outfit is quite simple.

patterns of children's bathrobes with a hood
  1. You need to draw a rectangle with one side equal to half the length of the swing between the hands (size B). The second side can be arbitrary - this is the width of the sleeve folded in half in the shoulder fold (size D). The rectangle is positioned so that the longer side is horizontal.
  2. The second rectangle is built perpendicular to the first, superimposing them one on top of the other with the letter "G". One side of the figure is equal to the length of the robe (size A), the other is half the bust plus 2 centimeters.
  3. With the help of an arc, the lateral axillary part is formed in place of the internal right angle.
  4. From the vertex of the connection of two right angles of both rectangles (at the upper left point) is deposited to the right 6 cm and down 3 cm. The arc smoothly marks these marksconnect. This is the neckline on the back.
  5. From the same peak, 7 cm is laid down and connected with an arc to a point of 6 cm. This will be the neckline in front. In the drawing, this line is highlighted in red.
  6. The smell is made in front of an arbitrary size. In the drawing, it is highlighted with a red line.

Usually craftsmen build patterns of children's bathrobes themselves. The hood can also be a rectangle folded across, stitched with a “bag”. But you can use the templates suggested here. Ears are used as decoration.

Robe with yoke and sewn-in sleeves

Older girls already want to emphasize their femininity. Therefore, a model on a yoke will suit them. The fronts shrink slightly during sewing, which creates the effect of some fluffiness in the chest area.

children's bathrobe with a hood pattern

This model requires some skill. But with sufficient care and attention, you can get a very decent children's bathrobe with a hood. The pattern of the back is superimposed on the fold of the folded fabric.

The shelves are also cut out after the fabric is folded with the right side inward. But in this case, you should get 2 parts. The same goes for cutting sleeves and yokes.

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