Review of the publishing house "RIPOL classic"
Review of the publishing house "RIPOL classic"

Many talented people involved in literary creativity cannot open their works to a wide readership because of ignorance or inability how to contact a publishing house, how to choose it among a huge mass. In this article we will consider the publishing house "RIPOL classic". Let's pay attention to what this company specializes in, what requirements it imposes on authors, and what services it provides to various clients.

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About publisher

Publishing house "RIPOL classic" dates back to 1996. It was then that the organization began its existence. The first book published was The Apostles by Ernest Renan. By the end of the 90s, more than three thousand titles of books had already been published. The main directions of the publishing house are foreign and domestic fiction, children's, as well as applied literature.

Children's directionliterature appeared in the publishing house only in 2009. At the moment it is one of the most famous publishing houses. In 2004, RIPOL Classic took 13th place in terms of circulation, and in 2009 it moved up to 9th place in the ratings. Well-known authors of our Motherland, as well as foreign writers, write for RIPOL Classic. In addition, the publishing house actively cooperates with a new generation of as yet unknown, unpublished authors. In 2015, the publishing house approved a nominal scholarship at the Moscow Polygraphic Institute to reward talented young writers and poets.

"RIPOL classic" participates in various state programs for the revival of the literary word, promotes projects on this subject. The publishing house has repeatedly received numerous awards, such as "Best Book of the Year" and "Best Publishing House of the Year". In addition to cooperation with authors, RIPOL Classic works with professional artists and illustrators. The assembled team is the pride of the organization.

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Requirements for submitted texts

Authors wishing to send their papers for consideration to "RIPOL Classic" should take into account the requirements for the formatting of texts. The entire work that is planned to be published must be in one Word text file. It should be sent as an attachment in an e-mail to the mail of the publisher. The layout is standard, in A4 format. The first page should contain the surname, name and patronymic of the author,city ​​of residence, mobile phone number, e-mail address, as well as a pseudonym if the author does not want to be published under his real name. Well, the title of the book, of course. The font for the entire document is Times New Roman, the font size is 12.

Texts with prose are justified, automatic hyphenation is not allowed. A dash is written with a long line in all cases of use. The letter "Ё" is affixed by the author himself. Indents in the text are single, spaces too. Tabulation is affixed with a special key. If you have a collection of short stories, the "RIPOL classic" books mean a double line break after the end of the first story and before the title of the second, as well as a single line break after the title and text of the next story.

When transferring a file with verses, arrange them as you would like to see in the book. That is, if each new poem should be from a new page in the book, then it should be the same in your file. If the verses must go one after the other, there is no need to transfer each to a new page. Also in the case of registration only of the electronic version of the book. If you want certain illustrations in your book, you should place copies in the text or link to the file name in places that you think are ideal for pictures. Accordingly, files with pictures should also be attached to the letter. Texts in the form of printouts, manuscripts, photographs and scans are not accepted. And, of course, the author must be the copyright holder of the provided text.

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Author profile

In addition to the files with the text of the work, the author must fill out and attach a questionnaire to the e-mail. The first part of the questionnaire contains complete information about the author, his place of residence and contact details. The second contains information about the book. In this section, you indicate the preliminary title, the number of characters, the intended readership, works of other authors that are similar in style and subject matter. In addition to these data, you can specify the name of the publisher in which they published earlier, as well as the name and year of publication of previous books.

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Publishing Partners

LLC "RIPOL classic" cooperates with more than sixteen literature stores. Among them are both chain stores and virtual sellers. The most famous chains of bookstores are "Chitay-Gorod", "Biblio-Globus", "Moscow House of Books", "Moscow", "New Bookstore". Among the well-known online literature stores, the partners of RIPOL Classic are:,, Amital, Read-ru,, World of Fiction,, " LitRes", LiveLib, "Azapi", "Lamartis". It is possible that your books will be sold in these places after publication.

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Services for corporate clients

Often, directors or team building specialists are looking for an opportunity to convey to their employees somevaluable information that contributes to team building and more productive work. In this case, the services of a publishing house for the production of brochures and business literature are most welcome. An interesting way of self-promotion will be a brochure that tells about the features of the organization. Also, readers are often interested in the stories of successful business building on the example of living and working organizations. Gift editions are one of the most interesting ways to congratulate the team on holidays. It is possible to order advertising placement in publications of other authors. Also, writing a story about your company, personal growth, activities, and more can be entrusted to competent members of the publishing team.

Publisher contact details

Postal and actual address "RIPOL classic" - Moscow, st. Bolshaya Andronievskaya, house 23, index 109147. The official website of the company contains a phone number and email for communication with different departments. In addition, RIPOL Classic posted its data on social networks: VKontakte and Facebook.

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