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DIY backpack for beginners
DIY backpack for beginners

In our time, when fashion has ceased to dictate any rules, designers and fashion designers give free rein to their imagination and find application for things that previously had only a narrow purpose and were used only in certain situations. A vivid example of such borrowing is a backpack, a faithful companion of a tourist. Now this practical item can be found not only behind the shoulders of a schoolboy or traveler, but also hanging casually from a fur coat or even an evening dress. If you have a desire to acquire this fashionable accessory, try sewing a backpack with your own hands. You will see, it is not difficult at all! And you can start with the simplest, with a children's backpack, it can serve as a basis, and fantasy will tell you the details.

How to sew a backpack with your own hands

The model we chose to make is extremely simple. To sew such a backpack with your own hands, patterns are not needed, it consists of two identical rectangles, pulled together at the top with a drawstring.

DIY backpack For work, we need two pieces of fabric measuring 28x35 centimeters, four pieces of adhesive interlining 5x5 centimeters, two meters of cord,metal blocks, tongs for their installation, threads, a large pin.
DIY backpack patterns

Using an iron, glue pieces of non-woven fabric to the lower corners of both parts. With the help of an overlock we process all the sections, you can use a zigzag seam.

DIY denim backpack

We fold the parts with the right sides inward, cut off and outline an indent along the top edge of five centimeters. We sew along two long and one short sides, breaking the line along the indent line.

How to sew a backpack Iron the side seams.
How to sew a backpack Tuck the top edge 2.5 cm for the drawstring, iron it.
How to sew a backpack Stitch at a distance of two centimeters from the edge.
How to sew a backpack Mark the block locations and punch holes.
How to sew a backpack

If you are sewing a backpack from different fabrics, decide which side will be front. On the reverse side, put the washer, and on the front side, put the block with the convex side towards you. Pinch the entire structure with tongs.

How to sew a backpack The result should be something like this.
How to sew a backpack

Starting to pull the cord. We pass it through one of the holes. Attach a large pin to the end of the cord.

How to sew a backpack Pull the cord from left to right into the drawstring on one side of the backpack.
How to sew a backpack Now we pass it through the second hole.
How to sew a backpack And now to the drawstring on the other part of the backpack.
How to sew a backpack Tie the ends of the cord and hide them inside the drawstring.
How to sew a backpack The backpack is ready! Now you can provide this practical accessory to all family members.

DIY backpack. Tips & Ideas

So we sewed a backpack with our own hands. As you can see, it's not difficult at all. For its manufacture, you can use any fabric, from brocade to burlap.

How to sew a backpack The easiest way is to first sew a denim backpack with your own hands. Jeans is perfectly processed, and sewing from it is a pleasure. It's also a great way to reuse old jeans.
How to sew a backpack Even a novice dressmaker can sew this backpack, it consists of squares and is decorated with braid.
How to sew a backpack This cute backpack will please anyonelittle coquette. Sewing it is not difficult at all. The basis of the backpack is simple, and circles of fabric folded twice are sewn on it.
How to sew a backpack Such a romantic backpack can be safely worn even under an evening dress! It is worth taking on such a job, having already gained experience.
How to sew a backpack Here's a beautiful example of country style - an embroidered linen backpack with colorful straps.

Please yourself and your loved ones with a beautiful accessory!

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