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Tiebacks for curtains - do-it-yourself, easy and fast
Tiebacks for curtains - do-it-yourself, easy and fast

If you are planning to transform your home, you do not need to make great efforts and plan global expenses. Most often, small, but well-chosen details are enough. Look at your curtains. Do they hang down sadly, not letting in the light? Sew curtain tiebacks with your own hands - and you will see how the atmosphere in your room will change. Let's try to make the simplest pickups, this process does not take much time and does not require great skill, and the result can exceed all expectations. The main thing is to choose the right fabric and do everything carefully.

How to sew tiebacks for curtains with your own hands

For work, we need fabric, adhesive interlining, thread, centimeter tape, scissors, tailor's chalk and pins. From the fabric we cut out two rectangles 22x62 centimeters in size, four strips 4x26 centimeters (the seam allowances have already been taken into account), we cut out two rectangles 10x60 centimeters from non-woven fabric.

Do-it-yourself curtain ties On narrow strips, we tuck the edges, as shown in the photo, andironing.
Tieback for curtains Fold the strips in half lengthwise again and iron well.
How to sew ties for curtains Sew off the resulting stripes at a distance of 1-2 millimeters from the edge.
Tiebacks for curtains Fold the rectangles in half lengthwise wrong side inside and iron to mark the middle. Then on one of the sides we fix the interlining with an iron.
Tiebacks for curtains Turn the workpiece face up and fix narrow stripes on both sides with pins, as shown in the photo.
Tiebacks for curtains Fold the workpiece with the right side inward and sew at a distance of 1 cm from the edge, leaving five centimeters unsewn in the middle of the long side to turn the pickup inside out. Cut off the corners and iron the seams.
Tiebacks for curtains Turn the product inside out through the hole left and iron it well. So we sewed tiebacks for curtains with our own hands!
Tiebacks for curtains And here is the end result. Beautiful, isn't it?

Tips for choosing a model

To make the tiebacks look harmonious, take the choice of fabric seriously. If the fabric on the curtains is colored, a win-win option is plain tiebacks. If the curtains are plain, tiebackscan be complex, fantasy. The main thing is to follow the rule: the more complex and multi-colored the curtains, the easier the tiebacks should be. Tieback for curtains can be one, they can even be different, the main thing is compatibility and overall harmony of the set.

Design Ideas

Even if you don't have a sewing machine or you don't know how to sew at all, you can make your own curtain tiebacks. You just need to show imagination.

Tiebacks for curtains Here's a perfect example. Large beads of different colors and sizes are strung on a strong thread. Against the background of a turquoise curtain, the tie-back looks very expressive.
Tiebacks for curtains This version with beads looks very delicate! Similar DIY curtain tiebacks can be made from beads that you no longer wear.
Tiebacks for curtains What could be easier? Satin ribbon and buttons, how spectacular!
Tiebacks for curtains If you have a skein of twine, then you can easily make this brutal pickup in a couple of minutes.
Tiebacks for curtains No further ado: a ribbon matching the pattern on the curtain and two rings.
Tiebacks for curtains If you have a couple extra straps around the house, you can use them this way.
Tiebacks for curtains For those who know how to knitcrochet, it will not be difficult to tie such elegant tie-backs in a couple of evenings.
Tiebacks for curtains These tiebacks are also crocheted, they are much more difficult and time consuming to make, but the result is worth the effort!

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