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Regilin - what is it and how to use it correctly
Regilin - what is it and how to use it correctly

Do you want to know how to easily strengthen a lace belt or hat brim, add splendor to a festive skirt or harden a bodice? Regilin will help you. What is it?

Regilin is a tough synthetic tape. Depending on the stiffness of the fibers, width, shape, its purpose also changes.

Regiline Varieties

Regilin is classified according to hardness and shape. According to the degree of rigidity, hard and soft regilin are distinguished.

Hard regiline (artificial whalebone) - plastic tape 5 mm wide. It is used when sewing corsets, corsages, underwear, strapless dresses and petticoats for puffy dresses. The technology of tailoring is extremely simple. Regilin is inserted into the seams and undercuts of the product or fixed on it with an oblique inlay.

regiline what is it

A striking example of the use of hard regilin is a stunning dress with a whalebone in the bodice and petticoat.

Soft regiline, this is a braid with plastic cables threaded through it or a tape made of hard synthetic fibers. It is used to process the edges of skirts, flounces to givethem for splendor and for decorative purposes. How to sew regilin to the bottom of the skirt, see below.

reguilin how to sew on a skirt

This is a wonderful example of the use of soft regilin, it strengthens the edge of the skirt of a spectacular dress, the photo of which is posted in the article.

The shape distinguish between tape and tubular regiline. We have already talked about the tape, but the tubular or tubular deserves special attention.

Tubular regiline, what is it and where is it used? Let's figure it out. This type of regilin is a tube woven from synthetic fibers.

how to sew reguilin to the bottom of a skirt

Ideas for using tubular regiline

It is difficult to list all the options for using tubular. A large number of colors and designs allows you to use it not only for decorating clothes, but also for making hats, costume jewelry and jewelry.

The mesh structure allows you to place various decorative elements inside the tube: large beads, beads, dissimilar, already assembled strands of beads, and much more.

Here are a few simple examples of tubular applications that you can easily recreate yourself.

It might seem nothing special, but the black tubular regiline bracelet with decorative elements looks very stylish.

It's simple: a black tubular and several large beads made up a spectacular necklace.

Another example shown in the photo. In this case, the beads are hidden inside the tube, which slightly dampens their shine and gives additional nobility.decoration.

tubular regiline

Stunningly beautiful and graceful, a hat made of regilin in two colors will also be useful under certain circumstances.

How to use regilin: useful tips

Now that we have determined what it is - regilin, let's move on to the practical part.

Let's start with the selection of threads. For sewing, it is better to use colorless nylon threads, because the colored ones will stand out in the light, even if you pick them up exactly in tone.

Let's move on to the question of how to sew regilin to a skirt. There are two ways.

First if the edge is not finished. We lay the product face up, apply regilin to the cut with an overlap of 5 mm and stitch 1-2 mm from the edge of the tape. We bend the tape to the wrong side, the raw edge is inside the seam. Now the edge of the product can be swept and ironed for convenience. After we adjust the tape from the second side

regiline what is it

The second method is used if the edge of the product has already been processed. In this case, simply apply reguiline on the wrong side or front side of the product, fasten with tailor's pins and adjust on both sides at a distance of 1-2 mm from the edge

It is recommended before processing, melt the ends of synthetic fibers until balls are formed, otherwise the edge of the tape may prick. You can, as an alternative, use masking tape, sealing the edges of the tape with small pieces, but this option is only applicable on white regiline.

Examples of using regiline

Below you cansee how impressive things look, trimmed with regilin.

reguilin how to sew on a skirt

In a puffy evening dress, the edge of the skirt is reinforced with a soft regiline ribbon to match the main fabric. This made it possible to give the product additional splendor without excessive rigidity.

Hard reguiline is used to create spectacular costumes for Latin American dances, which allows you to fix all the curves of the skirt.

how to sew reguilin to the bottom of a skirt

The last example is an elegant hat trimmed with regiline in various textures and stiffnesses. Such a headdress will emphasize any evening outfit.

Now that you know what it is - regiline and where it can be applied, it remains only to wish creative success and new discoveries.

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