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Original DIY Easter gifts: ideas, photos
Original DIY Easter gifts: ideas, photos

Handmade gifts for Easter will delight family and friends. On this day, it is customary to exchange small souvenirs, treat friends with Easter cakes and painted eggs, and collect traditional treats in baskets. Children also like to take part in the preparation for the holiday. Below are a few crafts for Easter. You can make them with your own hands for both adults and children.

Paper bag basket

A handmade Easter gift can also be made from an ordinary paper bag, wrapping paper, scrap paper. In such a basket, Easter treats or painted eggs will look original. To work, you will need a ruler, paper, scissors, PVA glue or a thermal gun, a pencil.

If you chose a paper bag to work with, then first cut off the bottom from it and cut the side. Using a pencil and a ruler, draw strips three centimeters wide on paper, cut them out and bend each in half along the entire length. Start weaving a basket like this,as shown in the photo below. By analogy, you can make a basket of newspaper tubes.

easter basket

When you're done, glue a strip to the top of the basket to make the edges look neat. It remains to add a pen, put a paper or cloth napkin in the basket, put sweets or eggs in it.

Eggs from newspapers for decoration

To make dummies of chicken eggs for room decor, table decoration or creating Easter wreaths, you will need plastic eggs or regular ones. Fresh ones must first be cleared of the contents.

To do this, rub the egg with petroleum jelly twice (you just need to wait until the first layer is absorbed), which will give the shell strength. Then, with the tip of a sharp knife, holes should be made on the poles and carefully drill holes two to three millimeters in diameter. Insert a toothpick into any of the holes and pierce the yolk, and then shake the egg a little.

Now you need to blow the contents of the egg into some container. It can be used on dough, scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs. The shell needs to be cleaned. To do this, fill an empty egg with hot water through a medical syringe with a needle, chat a little and blow out the contents. This should be done two or three times.

It is advisable to take eggs from domestic chicken. In poultry farms, eggs are treated with special solutions so that they are better stored, and calcium is limited in the diet of chickens to increase egg production.

When the eggs are ready for DIY crafts for Easter, you need to cut the old newspapers into strips and wrap themeach, having previously lubricated the central line with glue. The parts remaining free, just cut into strips. Now once again coat the egg with glue and alternately glue each strip to the egg. The craft is ready. To get a glossy effect, you can varnish the product.

Such eggs can be put in a basket and used as a festive table decoration. You can secure them to some kind of base by assembling an Easter wreath.

Hare Ear Clip

Such an original DIY Easter gift can be made for a little fashionista and her mother. The decoration is made of felt, you will need a sheet of white and pink material. You should also prepare sewing accessories (threads to match, scissors, needles) and ste alth. You can make such a hairpin, or you can make a headband with ears.

headband with bunny ears

First, cut out two identical small circles and two pairs of rabbit ears from white felt. We need two smaller ears made of pink felt. Sew white ears with each other in two parts, while leaving the tips free, do not sew up to the end. Glue the pink parts to the front side.

In one white circle, make a hole in the center. Insert the free ends of the ears into this hole. Now insert the second circle into the invisibility, connect the two circles and sew together. Your handmade Easter gift is ready! This cute decoration is quick and easy to make.

Felt Easter Bunny

Even a novice craftswoman can make such hares, because felt is a material with which it is veryit is easy to work with, it holds its shape, and its edges do not need to be overcast. These Easter bunnies or rabbits can be of different colors, so you can choose any felt you like.

For each such gift for Easter, you need to cut out two identical figures (hare silhouette) and a strip with your own hands. You can make several of the same size toys or make different ones.

On one of the details, embroider eyes and nose with black or brown threads. Pin a strip of felt with pins to the contours of the part and sew with neat stitches. Pin the second part of the toy with pins and sew it on.

Do not forget to leave a small hole through which you need to turn out a gift for Easter with your own hands (photo of the manufacturing process above) and fill it with padding polyester. Ordinary cotton wool will do. Easter bunnies are ready!

felt easter bunny

DIY egg wreath

Easter wreaths are placed either on the doors of a hospitable house or on the wall and create a festive atmosphere. But a wreath doesn't have to be made from fresh flowers, leaves, or artificial materials.

You can make an Easter egg wreath. In this case, it is better to take plastic eggs, as they need a lot. You will also need glue and thick threads for knitting in different colors.

The technology is very simple: you just need to wrap each egg with threads, and then form a wreath out of them, gluing them onto some kind of base (for example, cardboard). You can wrap eggs in even turns or randomly.

Easter Surprise Egg

Great gift idea for Easter (do it yourself very easy) - an egg with a surprise. It looks like an ordinary egg, but if you break it, a surprise will be found inside. In this master class, we will put candies inside, but you can also put a small gift there, for example, a ring or a hairpin.

For such a DIY Easter gift, you will need ordinary eggs, colorful dyes, small candies, paper molds for small cupcakes or egg coasters, PVA glue. First, carefully break off the tip of each egg and remove the contents, rinse the inside of the shell well with hot water.

The next step is coloring. Dye the empty eggs with multi-colored dyes. To do this, dip the shells (they can be kept on a small wooden stick for barbecue or sushi) in a dye solution prepared according to the recipe indicated on the package. The technology of dilution of different dyes may differ. Wait until the eggs are completely dry.

easter surprise egg

Now place a small piece of candy or a gift inside each egg. It remains only to trim the edges of the shell, grease them with PVA glue and glue a paper cupcake pan (or egg holder) on top. When everything is dry, turn the eggs over. They will look like regular krashenki on coasters, but if broken, candy will be found inside.

Basket of clothespins as a gift

A do-it-yourself gift for Easter - a basket with eggs and Easter cake or sweets - can be made from an ordinary disposable plastic or paper plate, scotch tape andwooden clothespins. You will also need cardboard and ribbon to decorate the whole structure.

Using scissors, cut the edges of the plastic plate every three to five centimeters. Bend the edges up and fasten with paper clips so that you get a plate with high edges - this is the basis for the Easter basket. For reliability, glue the sides together with Moment glue and fasten with a thin braid on top.

Now divide each clothespin into halves. Glue the halves to the outside edges of the plate. You can simply attach the clothespins to the edges of the basket base without separating them, but be careful not to expose the bottom of the plate. Tape everything together again afterwards.

It remains only to cut thin strips of paper and “curl” them with scissors to decorate the bottom of the basket, and make a cardboard handle. Decorate your Easter basket with some ribbon and a bow or more.

Knitted chicken for Easter

Needlewomen who know how to knit can make crochet gifts for Easter with their own hands. To make a cute chicken, you will need yellow yarn (preferably 100% cotton or 50/50), some orange and white yarn, hook (number three). Knitting should start with the body. You can see the scheme by rows below.

how to knit a chicken body

When the resulting ball begins to narrow, fill it with padding polyester or cotton. It remains to do-it-yourself knitted crafts for Easter to make wings (you will need two wings), eyes and paws. Sew all details to the body. DIY Easter gift - chicken - done!

other detailschicken

Very beautiful willow wreath

Surprisingly beautiful DIY crafts and gifts for Easter can be made from natural materials. To make the next craft, use real willow branches, pruner, wreath base, plain or floral wire.

Cut the willow into branches of approximately equal size. The optimal length is 8-10 cm. Gather several branches into a bundle and secure it at the base with wire. Distribute the same bunches throughout the wreath, securing them with wire.

Crafts from napkins for Easter

The fastest little gift for Easter - ribbons and paper napkins in different colors. It is enough to wrap a boiled egg with a colorful napkin, and tie a ribbon on top. Napkins can be replaced with wrapping paper of different colors. Such eggs can be put in a basket for Easter cake, and artificial ones wrapped in napkins will become a decorative element, the production of which does not require much labor and time.

Handmade Easter Eggs

Great Easter eggs to decorate your home for the holiday are easy to make with a few balloons, thread (regular or knitted), and glue. The balloons need to be inflated a little, not completely, and tied with threads so that air does not escape.

Now start randomly wrapping the ball with thread. When enough is enough, coat the threads well with glue and leave the craft to dry. This will take a fairly large amount of time, otherwise the decor element can be spoiled.

After at least 12 hours, carefully pierce the balloon andthrough one of the holes between the threads, pull it out of the craft. Gossamer eggs are ready!

Natural Egg Coloring

The basis of the holiday is Easter cakes and painted eggs (pysanky, Easter eggs), other symbols of Easter are a wreath, a hare or a rabbit. Easter eggs are dyed in different ways. Universal acrylic paints that can be applied to any surface, they are very resistant and bright. You can paint chicken eggs or empty shells for crafts in a cold or hot way, that is, with boiling. Eggs dyed in a cold way are called Easter eggs, boiled eggs are called Easter eggs.

Edible eggs should only be colored with natural dyes. They can be purchased at the store or use food products. If you squeeze carrot juice and boil eggs in it, you get a light orange color, if you soak for three hours in beetroot juice - pink, boil in spinach juice - green.

DIY Easter crafts

Coffee is also used to color eggs. The grains need to be ground and boiled in 250 ml of coffee eggs. Get a brown, coffee color. The recipe known to everyone is onion peel. The color of the eggs in this case depends on the amount of husk. Cauliflower is used to obtain the blue color. Two pieces should be chopped, add 500 ml of water, soak the eggs in this solution for three hours.

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