Anna Gavalda's book "35 kilos of hope": a summary
Anna Gavalda's book "35 kilos of hope": a summary

35 Kilos of Hope is an amazingly inspiring book. She shows readers that a person is able to change himself for the better if he has a goal and willpower, and most importantly, relatives who believe in him and support him in all endeavors. The author of the book is the famous French writer Anna Gavalda.

Unloved school

Gregoire's carefree childhood, when his main activities were games and watching cartoons, is left behind. It's been a boring school day. Gregoire did not like school at all. But when he announced to his parents that he no longer wanted to go to school, he received a cuff from his mother.

A. Gavalda "35 kilos of hope": a summary

Reading the summary of "35 kilos of hope", it becomes obvious that the boy's problem was that he was lazy, did not want to force himself to think, remember, reason, do homework. Because of this, the parents were constantly upset. Dad scolded Gregoire, and mom cried, unable toinfluence the current situation.

And so, Gregoire moved to the sixth grade. Prior to that, he had two repeats. The situation did not change, the boy still showed no interest in studying.

A. Gavalda: "35 kilos of hope": a summary

Skillful hands

After reading the summary of "35 kilos of hope", we can conclude that Gregoire really liked to work with his hands. He enjoyed attending the lesson taught by the teacher Marie. At the lesson, the children constantly made something, made a variety of crafts. The teacher gave the boy a wonderful book, which described interesting ideas for crafts. Gregoire enthusiastically began to make crafts for crafts. He realized that being a master was his true calling.

Single-minded grandfather

Finally, something happened that had to happen sooner or later. Gregoire's negligent student was expelled from school. The parents were indignant, only the grandfather supported the boy. Obviously, it was in his grandfather that Gregoire had such skillful hands: his grandfather was an excellent craftsman and builder. But, unlike his grandson, his grandfather graduated with honors from both school and a prestigious university. As evidenced by the summary of "35 kilos of hope", even in his old age, Gregoire's grandfather devoted all his free time to making furniture for a local restaurant. Gregoire expressed a desire to help his grandfather, which earned his approval. The boy fell in love with his grandfather's old barn, where he spent those happy hours when he and his grandfather made together.

Briefcontent "35 kilos of hope"

New schools

Caring about the future of their beloved son, the parents assigned Gregoire to a new school. But from the summary of "35 Kilos of Hope" it becomes clear that the situation has not changed in the new place.

But during the summer holidays, Gregoire continued to do what he loved. Now this was of great benefit, because he was engaged in repairs in private homes.

The young man was very upset by the state of he alth of his beloved grandfather. The old man seemed to be fading away every day.

Since Grégoire failed to study at the new school, his parents placed him in a boarding school. But the young man did not want to study there, because his dream was to study at a technical college. He decided to send a letter to the director of the college, in which he stated a request to accept him. Gregoire attached a drawing of his invention to the letter.

Study hard

Intrigued by a capable young man, Gregoire was invited to college. He successfully passed the entrance exams and entered.

At this time, the grandfather fell into a coma in the hospital. And then the young man decides to study hard so that his grandfather can be proud of him when he recovers.

Having overcome his usual laziness, Gregoire diligently completed assignments, heeded the instructions of teachers. In the summary of “35 kilos of hope” by Anna Gavalda, you can find out that the young man managed to achieve his goal.

And Gregoire's grandfather recovered! When he visited his grandson in college, he cried with happiness.

Image"35 kilos of hope", Anna Gavalda, summary

After reading the summary of “35a kilo of hope”A. Gavald, the reader can understand how much Gregoire was delighted with the miraculous recovery of his beloved grandfather.

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