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Board game "Jackal": reviews
Board game "Jackal": reviews

Board games are a great way to diversify your leisure time and have fun. This is by no means only children's fun - a large number of sufficiently adult and independent people love board games. About the game "Jackal", reviews about it, rules and everything else, we will tell further.

Who came up with it?

Before we talk about reviews of the board game "Jackal" and its rules, we should also mention the developers - that is, those people into whose bright heads the idea of creating it once flew.

Creator Mosigra Dmitry
Creator Mosigra Dmitry

According to legend, the "Jackal" was invented by students of Moscow State University in the seventies of the last century. They allegedly had fun like this in the hostel, although, of course, their original version was somewhat different from what is now. Reviews about the game "Jackal" were enthusiastic even then - it quickly spread throughout the university and went beyond it. It is impossible to verify now for certain whether this was actually the case. But legends for that and legends forbelieve them!

Modern version

However, that was just a backstory. And the story of the modern "Jackal" is as follows: in the 2010s, a young man from Moscow named Dmitry decided to launch this game into development. He loved her very much in childhood, and when he grew up, he wanted to give joy from an exciting pastime to others. It was this desire - to bring "Jackal" to the masses - that contributed to Dmitry and his friends founding a board game store called "Mosigra".

Shop Mosigra
Shop Mosigra

Today it is already a whole huge network of stores across the country. "Mosigra" enjoys great love and popularity among the population, which does not skimp on laudatory reviews of the store; the board game "Jackal" always occupies a leading position in the chain's sales rating.


To date, several versions of "Jackal" have already been released: the first, "original", is called "Treasure Island", besides it there are also "Jackal. Archipelago" and "Jackal. Dungeon". Numerous additions to these versions are also sold in the form of additional cards and chips. Further, before proceeding to the reviews about the game "Jackal", we will tell you in detail about its rules.

How to play?

In "Treasure Island" participants will find a playing field of more than a hundred small square cards. This is an island, the same Treasure Island that is played in the title. And the treasures on it, of course, are also hidden.

Board gameJackal
Board gameJackal

Cards should be laid out face down on a flat surface. At the same time, peeping at what is shown below, on the other side, is strictly prohibited. There, by the way, there may be a green canvas - it's just grass on the island; mountains, deserts, caves, traps and other obstacles that always interfere; as well as treasure chests - these are what you need to find.

Who can find? Yes, pirates, of course! And it is for the pirates that the players play. A maximum of four can be played, located on opposite sides of the island. Each player has a ship and three pirates of their color.

First they are all on the ship, and then they land on the shore and disperse in search of treasure. One move is equal to one card - you need to turn it over and do what is drawn there.

  • Green field - beauty, nothing needs to be done, but just wait for the move to return.
  • Mountains or a cave - you need to go through them for several moves.
  • Trap - you have to wait for a friend to save you, you can't get out yourself.
  • And by the way, you can fall into the clutches of an ogre - but then immediately death, because the ogre does not stand on ceremony with pirates.
  • However, a pirate may be resurrected if another pirate from his team meets a beautiful Amazon and spends the night with her.

And what to do when the chest fell out? Coins, by the way, are also present in the game - plastic; there are 38 of them in total. Each picture with a chest shows exactly how many coins there are - from one to five; this is the number of plastic circles and must be put on this card.

This is where the fun begins, which is the whole point of the game: you need to drag the coins to your ship as quickly as possible and definitely before your rivals. You can drag one at a time, and opponents, of course, not only try to steal the coins they found, they also strive to rob, take away treasures from each other. The one who collects the most coins wins the game.

This is just a brief retelling of the rules, but in general, a very detailed and colorful instruction book is included in the kit. There are even pirate curses! According to reviews, the game "Jackal" perfectly develops attention, logic and ingenuity, wonderfully suitable for friendly fun gatherings. By the way, it can also be played in pairs - two by two, which perfectly strengthens morale.

What is the difference between "Archipelago" and "Dungeon"?

By and large, nothing fundamentally changes in the rules. In the "Dungeon" the whole game takes place not on the island, but in labyrinths that can lead to unknown jungle. And in the "Archipelago" the playing field is not just an island, but a group of islands.

Board game "Jackal. Treasure Island": reviews

Now it's time to talk about what consumers think about the aforementioned fun. However, it has already been repeatedly mentioned above that they think a lot of good things - otherwise, would the Jackal have retained its popularity for so many decades, not even years?

Jackal. Treasure Island
Jackal. Treasure Island

People write that "Jackal"meets many requirements. This game, firstly, is interesting, secondly, uncomplicated, and thirdly, as an undoubted plus, buyers indicate an understandable playing field. The cards are not glued together, this is not a "monolithic" piece of cardboard, therefore, every time the playing field is laid out differently, always in a new way, there is no way to remember the location of certain pictures, which means that it will always be interesting to play - after all, never it is not known in advance whether the cannibal is hiding under the shirt of the next card or untold riches await.

Reviews about the game "Jackal. Treasure Island" also say that it has fairly easy rules that are easy to understand and remember. The advantage is the possibility of playing together. "Jackal" is also called a wonderful gift for a birthday or any other holiday.

However, one should not think that people do not find minuses either. They find it, and how! So, for example, some express dissatisfaction with the fact that when the cards are turned over, the playing field shifts and it must be constantly corrected so that it lies flat.

Board game "Jackal. Archipelago": reviews

"Treasure Island" is the more popular version of the cycle, perhaps because it is the first and therefore more advertised and bought more often. However, does this mean that the reviews about the game "Jackal. Archipelago" are worse and people like this option less?

Jackal. Archipelago
Jackal. Archipelago

Not at all. This game, which, by the way, is like a continuation of the "Islandtreasures" buyers diligently recommend for purchase, and some call it a "bomb". Of course, it has both its pluses and minuses. The latter include uncomfortable figures of pirates (they have been modified and, compared to the first option, they lose in convenience).

People also don't like the extra character added to the game that they say doesn't have much cool features. But the pirates in the "Archipelago" have additional properties that were not there before. They can be "activated" and then the pirate will follow his own rules. This is the undoubted advantage of this version of the desktop. An even bigger advantage, according to buyers, is the ability to purchase add-ons that expand and diversify the game, making it even more alive and exciting. And some compare "Jackal. Archipelago" with "Monopoly", noting that the latter strategy loses the first.

Board game "Jackal. Dungeon": reviews

As for the part about the underground search for riches, opinions about it are somewhat worse than about the previous parts.

It is considered rustic and boring, moreover, designed more for children than for adults. Buyers write that the kids will not get bored with the game just in time - since it lasts no more than an hour. However, the undoubted advantage of this board game is that it can be played in an amount of up to six people - that is, two more than in other versions. "Dungeon", unlike "Archipelago", is not exactly a continuation"Treasure Islands", but rather a variation of it.

Jackal. Dungeon
Jackal. Dungeon

As a plus of the game, some note the ability to repair intrigues on opponents. But as for the rules, opinions differ here: for some, the game seemed easy and understandable, while for others it took literally a pound of s alt to understand the concept of the tabletop.

Jackal card game

Despite the fact that "Jackal" has nothing to do with cards, this game also has a card version - compact and pocket-friendly, very convenient on the road. On a train or plane, you can't lay out a large box with a playing field, but you can easily get a set of "jackal" cards.

The rules of the game are not significantly different from the rules of the original board game. Among the cards there are special ones with directions of movement, with the help of which you need to pave yourself the most convenient way to the maximum number of coins. And, of course, to train them yourself more than others. By the way, you can also play both together and four, so the pocket "Jackal" is perfect for brightening up time for both a couple and a group of friends.

Jackal card game
Jackal card game

Reviews about the card game "Jackal" are much more positive. People like both the compactness of the game and its price (approximately 500-600 rubles), and the design of the cards themselves and the box. Among the pluses, they note clarity and ease even for children, among the minuses - the lack of much excitement.

This is the information about the game "Jackal",reviews about it and its rules. Be sure to play it at least once - and you will definitely like it!

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